Let's speak about Animals

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Let's speak about Animals

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Animals Pets Farm animals Zoo animals Wild animals

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Farm animals

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Zoo animals

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Wild animals

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Подпиши фотографии.

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Let's speak about farm animals

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Read the words. Try to remember.

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Look at the picture, can you find a duck, a spider, an ant, a ladybird…..

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Listen and repeat!

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What wild animals do you know?

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Read the words and try to remember.

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Look at the picture. Name all the animals.

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Your teacher starts a chain round the class. Each student adds a word. If you forget what the others before you said, you are out. The last one is the winner. T: In the zoo there are some elephants. S1: In the zoo there are some elephants and zebras. S2: In the zoo there are some elephants, some zebras and …. Let’s play!

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Sing the song!

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Good bye!