My Birthday

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My Birthday Работу выполнил Песковатсков Евгений Ученик 4 «Б» класса Гимназия № 426 Санкт Петербург- Ломоносов Руководитель : Абрамова Т.И. Учитель английского языка

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I was born in Saint-Petersburg eight July 2001 Peskovatskov Evgeny I am ten Hello, I am

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It is my first anniversary I made a wish on my birthday cake. I had many presents on that day. They were very nice. Then I went to the zoo. I saw a tall giraffe, a tiger, an elephant and many monkeys. I like summer because I have holidays and my birthday. I am happy at that time!

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My name is Evgeny Evgeny is a Greek name. It means “generous”. My traits of character are- receptivity and developed intuition.

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My number Eight –gives me a solid and rational character. It provides me with a strong will.

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My month I was born in summer in July. My Birth Sign is Cancer. Cancers are kind and sensitive. They don` t like when people laugh at them. Cancers are always ready to help.

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My year I was born in a Year of Snake. People born in this year have a good sense of humour. I`m an intellectual with a developed intuition.

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