The Seasons of the Year

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The Seasons of the Year Done by the group of the pupils of the 4-5th forms

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Seasons of the Year Winter brings us snow-flakes, Spring-green buds and shoots Summer brings us berries, Autumn- golden fruits.

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It is the riddle: What is the mystery of every season? We tried to guess it.

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Spring In the spring, In the spring, Sweet and fresh is everything, Winter winds are no more blowing, In the fields all is growing. In the spring, In the spring, Sweet and fresh is everything!

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Summer The summer sun shines hot and high. Baby birds now learn to fly. Green, green leaves and tasty fruit. All the things are so good! Winter, spring, summer, fall, I like summer best of all.

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Autumn The sky is grey The sun does not shine brightly The days are shorter And the nights are longer The leaves on the trees Are yellow, red and brown All fall to the ground.

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Winter This is the season When mornings are dark, And birds do not sing In the forest and parks. This is the season When children ski, And Father Frost Brings the New Year Tree.

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We have known about: - The changing in the nature connected with the changing of the seasons. - The main characteristics of every season. - How we have to keep the nature.

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