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Japan work was a pupil of 8 "A" Class Сuhoverhova Kristina

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Japan - an island nation in East Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean, east of the Sea of Japan, China, North and South Korea and Russia, the region stretches from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and Taiwan in the south. live in Japan by Japanese. People in Japan speak Japanese.

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Japanese culture has developed as a result of a historical process that began with the relocation of the ancestors of the Japanese people on the Japanese archipelago from the mainland and the origin of the Jomon culture period. Modern Japanese culture has experienced a strong influence in Asia, Europe and North America The culture of Japan greatly influenced her isolated territorial provision special natural phenomena (frequent earthquakes and typhoons), which resulted in a peculiar relation of Japanese to nature as a living creature. Ability to admire the momentary beauty of nature, as a feature of the Japanese national character, found expression in many art forms of Japan. Culture

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The Japanese language has always been an important part of Japanese culture. Predominant part of the population speaks Japanese. Japanese is an agglutinative language and is characterized by complex writing system, consisting of three different types of characters - Chinese characters kanji, hiragana syllabary and katakana. Japanese language and literature

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The first written monuments are collections of Japanese myths "Kojiki" (Records of the deeds of antiquity ") and Nihon Shoki historical chronicle (Recorded brush annals of Japan" or "Nihongi" - "Annals of Japan"), created during the Nara period (VII - VIII centuries). In the same period were created poetry anthology "Manyoshu" ("Collected myriad leaves", 759) and "Kayfuso (751). Literature

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Illustrations for The Tale of Genji " Japanese painting (Jap. Kaiga, painting, drawing ") - one of the oldest and most refined of the Japanese arts, a wide variety of genres and styles. Painting

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In Japan, calligraphy is considered one of the arts and is known as Shodo (Jap. 'way of writing "). Calligraphy

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Sculpture The most ancient of the arts of Japan is the sculpture. As the main material used for sculptures tree. Statues are often varnished, stained or bright pozolachivali. Well as the material used for statues bronze or other metals.

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Japanese traditional dolls. Materials for the manufacture of Japanese dolls are wood, paper, cloth, clay, or even living chrysanthemum.

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Netsuke Netsuke was used as a pendant on a charm of traditional Japanese kimonos and clothing kosode. Netsuke served both kind of counterbalance and elegant decoration of clothing.