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My way to success Выполнили: МОУ «Средняя общеобразовательная школа №24» Шегай Виктория 8 «а» Клычкова Наталья 8 «д» Кузина Ольга 8 «д» Бабич Дмитрий 8 «а»

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Our goals Find out what makes success. Make up a mind map of the word success. Think of the questions which we will ask our classmates. Make a questionnaire among our classmates.

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Our first task Imagine a billionaire. How do you think he would look and behave? Вообразите миллиардера. Как вы думаете, он выглядит и ведёт себя?

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Our classmates think that a real billionaire is….. I think that he could be a very representative man with a small suitcase. He could be dressed in black suit. He could look very serious at first sight but when you will learn him a little, you’ll understand that he’s a nice person. I believe he would behave as a usual man. Because there is nothing special that he’s a billionaire. There is only one thing showing his difference from other people – he has a lot of money.

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Our second question Is being rich the only way of being a successful person? Быть богатым – это единственный способ достижения успеха?

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Our classmates replied: No. They think: Money does not play the leading role in becoming a successful person. Of course, you must have some money to be a successful person. They think a successful person should be clever and quick–witted. And if you are so, you’ll be a successful person.

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We asked 61 eight form students to: Write the words in order of their importance for success. The first one is the most important. Расположите слова в порядке важности для достижения успеха. Первое слово – самое важное.

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What is the main for success? Strong character Good health Education Social position Money Parents Luck

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Why strong character? I believe that strong character will help you a lot. You will be very brave and determined with strong character. Certainly it is very good for you to have a strong character. Шегай Виктория I think that strong character is very important because life has a lot of difficult situations and you must overcome them. Кизикова Людмила I think that strong character can help me in my life. It can help me to reach my goals. Кузина Ольга

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Why good health? If you want to be a successful person you must have good health. It is important because you won’t achieve success in one or two days. You will achieve success rather long. And you need good health to live for a long time. If you live for a long time you’ll have to be a successful person without fail. Шегай Вика

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Why education? Education is very important thing in our life. And of course it is important to achieve success. Because if you have not got education you won’t know what to do. For example you are an engineer and you don’t have the education. You don’t know what to do and soon you loose a job. So if you don’t have education you won’t achieve success. Шегай Виктория Education can help you to be clever. Чоботар Владислав I believe that education can help you to get important knowledge for your future job. Клычкова Наталья

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Why social position? I think that it is very important to have a good social position. If you have a lot of friends, some of them can help you to be a successful person. And I think it is very good when people treat you with respect. Шегай Виктория Social position can help to be a businessman too. Чоботар Влад. I believe that social position doesn’t influence future achievements. Клычкова Наталья Social position is important in the case your acquaintances can help you. Захарова Ирина

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Why money? In my list money has the 5th place because they can help you to be a successful person. It is very good if you have money for it. Шегай Виктория I believe that money is not important for success. If person is clever, he will succeed without any money. Васильева Даша I believe that money doesn’t have much influence on the person’s future because if person has concrete goal, he will achieve it. But for person with money all doors will be opened. Клычкова Наталья

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Why parents? I think that parents must help you a lot because you will always need to have an advice. And when you will achieve success your parents always have to be near you. Шегай Виктория I believe that parents don’t play important role in career, because each person himself produces his future. Васильева Даша Parents are important because they can help you and sometimes you depend on them. If you have rich parents who have high social position, they can help you to succeed in your life. But anyway even moral support of parents means much. Захарова Ирина

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Why luck? Luck has the last place in my list because I don’t believe in it. Шегай Виктория I believe that luck can help me in my future job. It’s especially important if I want to be a professional sportsman. Лихачёв Сергей I think that luck is the most important for success, because without luck you can’t achieve anything. Захарова Ирина

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Thank you very much. Be a successful person!