A person who I want to be like

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A person who I want to be like MY ROLE MODEL

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The plan of the lesson 1. Famous people we know. 2. New words for the theme. 3. Robert Falcon Scott and his expedition. 4. Mother Teresa. 5. What did we learn… (summary) 6. Homework. 7. Project “My Role Model.”

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Famous people Match the names to the pictures and announce them. Ludwig van Beethoven Elizabeth II M.V. Lomonosov A. S. Pushkin A. Einstein

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role model - inscription - courage - strength - explorer - гонка race - надпись путешественник образец для подражания храбрость сила сани sledge - naval – officer маршрут route - морской офицер charity - благотворительность nun - follower - mission - миссия (хрис.) последователь монашка founder - основатель New words Match the words and their translation

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Robert Falcon Scott [1868 - 1912] Finally on 12 January Scott and his men got to the South Pole. There they saw a Norwegian flag; Amundsen had got there two weeks before. The people in Scott’s expedition died on their way back to the camp. Winter killed them. They were not the first at the South Pole, but in the hearts of people all over the world they did a more important thing. They showed and example of courage, strength and love for their country. There is a simple wooden cross in the Antarctic. People put it there in the memory of the brave Englishmen. “……………,” says the inscription on the cross. On 15 June 1910 the English ship “Terra Nova” left England and went to the Antarctic. On board the ship was and English naval-officer Robert Falcon Scott. He had a dream. He wanted to be the first at the South Pole. Scott had already been to the Antarctic and had prepared for everything. He had planned the route and chosen four strong men. Scott had bought all the equipment: warm clothes, food electric sledges and Siberian ponies. Yes, he had thought of everything, but one thing worried Scott: another famous explorer Roald Amundsen from Norway, had also gone to the Antarctic. The race to the South Pole had begun. On 1 November 1912 Scott and his expedition started to go to the Pole. The weather was very bad: it was cold and windy. Very quickly Scott understood that he had made a lot of mistakes. The sledges didn’t work. The ponies couldn’t walk in deep snow and soon died. Scott hadn’t bought any dogs, and the men had to pull the sledges with their food and equipment. The team had never been to the Antarctic before, so they were not ready for all the difficulties. But they still didn’t forget their dream. They wanted to be the first at the South Pole. Every day they walked and walked through the snow. The English expedition remembered Amundsen and didn't want to lose that race. Read and put the paragraphs in the right order

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Robert Falcon Scott and his expedition Number the photos ( put the evens in the right order )

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Answer the questions: 1. When did Scott leave England? 2. Where did he go? 3. How many men went with him? 4. When did Scott start the expedition? 5. How long did it take Scott to get to the South Pole? 6. Who was the first man at the South Pole? 7. Whose flag did Scott see at the South Pole? 8. Did Scott come back?

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Mother Teresa (1910–1997) Listen to the story about Mother Teresa and fill in the gaps. She was born in …… in Macedonia. She was a Catholic …… and the founder of the charity …………. . These missions helped the ……….. and the ……….... . In …….. she got the …………….. Peace Prize for her work. She had started her work in Calcutta, but later her followers ……….. other missions in many other parts of the ……… . Today there are about ……...... centres in different countries. These centries give ………… to 500,000 families and help to ………….. sick people every year.

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Choose the right answer: Mother Teresa was: a) a nun b) a doctor c) a teacher Mother Teresa started her work in: a) Macedonia b) Calcutta c) Seattle …………….. got the Nobel Pease Prize. a) Bill Gates b) Mother Teresa c) Scott

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Summary A role model is a person who shows us an example of positive behaviour. We consider Robert Falcon Scot as a “role model” because of his courageous acts in the face of danger, because of his devotion to his country. Whenever we remember about love and caring understanding the same time the name of Mother Teresa arises in our minds and our hearts. All her life was a model of simplicity, piety and charity.

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Homework: p.207 Make presentations about your role model. Get ready to discuss it.