What Are You Good at?

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Презентация К урокам английского языка в 7 классе Цикл2 УМК под редакцией Кузовлева В.П. Выполнила Илюхина B.В., учитель английского языка МОУ Кромская сОШ, 2010г. What Are You Good at?

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Let’s climb up our favourite “down staircase” and be happy through it! Success! See? Stay on the sunny side! Strive! Survive! Step by step, Sink or swim, Silly, stupid!.. Surrender? Serious? Silly? Sounds sorrowful… Seems stressful, School uniform, homework and stuff… School day starts! Ur gr8! B OK! Strive 4 more! School Staircase

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What ambitions do you have? To win a competition/ a prize; To score the most points; To win a championship/ a scholarship; To be a pro/ the best/ an ace pupil; To be a/the top sportsman/the number one player; To become… To take part in… To play in… My Ambitions

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Наречия образа действия образовываются от прилагательных с помощью суффикса – ly. He is serious. He works seriously. Некоторые наречия ( fast, early) не отличаются по форме от соответствующих прилагательных It was an early bus. I got up early. Некоторые наречия имеют две формы: одну, сходную с прилагательным, а другую, образованную с помощью суффикса – ly. High (высоко) / highly (очень); hard (упорно) / hardly (едва); late (поздно) / late (недавно). Исключение: He is a good student. He works well. See GS p.259 Test. Form the adverbs from the adjectives. Slow, quick, easy, good, correct, terrible, fast, beautiful, happy, early, smart, true, wise. Grammar Discovery Adverbs of Manner

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My Achievements

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Played brilliantly; wrote / performed music wonderfully; sings beautifully; scored the most points; trains hard and wins championships; became famous fast; wrote poems / stories greatly; made films properly. Outstanding People What made them famous? Match the picture and characteristic

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Can you boast that you are the best helper about the house? What have your parents praised you for recently? Why? What would you write about how you usually do different things? Home task: ex.3 p.32, ex. 5p.33 Portfolio. Can YOU be good at different things?

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