St. Valentine’s Day

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St. Valentine’s Day

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It is a holiday connected with… card

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THE MAGIC OF LOVE Love is like magic And it always will be, For love still remains Love’s sweet mystery. Helen Rice 

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Saint Valentine’s Day [seint `v?l?ntainz dei] priest [pri:st] Rome [r?um] emperor [`emp?r?] Claudius [`kl?:dj?s] martyr [`ma:t?] jailer [`d?eil?] message [`mesid?] couple [`k?pl] to fall in love with similar [`simil?] to marry [`m?ri]

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Guess the words: l u p e o c - t a m r y r - s i p t e r - i a r j e l - a s m s e g s - Couple Martyr Priest Jailer Message

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The story of St. Valentine How did it start? There are many stories about it. Some people say Valentine was a priest in Rome many years ago: Emperor Claudius didn’t want young men to marry. He wanted them to be soldiers. Young couples went secretly to Valentine and he married them. Claudius was angry and put Valentine in prison. He killed him on February the 14th. Other people say Valentine was a Christian martyr. While he was in prison he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. When it was time for him to die, he wrote a message on the prison wall saying, “From your Valentine.”

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Why did you choose it? … I’ve read some books about this holiday. I’ m sure … I’ve seen a TV programme about St.Valentine. the first story / … this story is more the second story realistic. is the true story because … our teacher has already told us about him. … I’ve found similar information about this holiday in Internet

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I jump up and down, When you are in the room I hope you can be my Valentine soon room soon

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What is love for you?

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What is LOVE for you? Love keeps you lively When others are sad. Love never ends Love keeps you warm on cold day. Love is wonderful Love makes you happy Love keeps you smiling

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51 - S 69 - T 8 - E 42 - Y 26 - R 33 - D 66 - V 79 - N 77 - L 19 - I 7 - A 56-O 83 - H 17 - U 2 - P I heartily hope you` ll have a happy Valentine’s Day! 19 83, 8, 7, 26, 69, 19, 77, 42 83, 56, 2, 8 42, 56, 17 `77, 77 83, 7, 66, 8 7 83, 7, 2, 2, 42 66, 7, 77, 8, 79, 69, 19, 79, 8’ 51 33, 7, 42!