Conditions of life or social conditions and the form of government.

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Conditions of life or social conditions and the form of government.

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The form of government. Democracy is the political regime of the best of all possible worlds. It means, that people rule the country and it is the main advantage. Our world has parliamentary republic as a form of government. It means, that the Parliament rules the country in fact, but people elect the Parliament, so people rule the country.

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Social condition First of all, there is a good social stability in the best of all possible worlds. Our social stability embrace such advantages as: -There is not unemployment in our world. -There are not homeless people and beggars in our country

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-Everybody can get free medical service. -Every retired and invalid gets a pension. -All people are equal. -Everybody can get free education.

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The state always helps people, because a man is the most important in our world.

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Climate of the Best of All Possible worlds. This country has several different climate regions. The coldest regions are in the north and north-east where much snow falls in winter. The south has a more mild climate. In this country it is never very cold or very hot. It is a land of physical contrasts. People live in four time zones. They are summer, autumn, winter and spring.

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December, January and February are winter months. The weather is cold and there are many snow there. Rivers and lakes freeze.

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March, April and May are spring’s month. The weather in spring is warm. As a rule, there is no ice on the lakes and rivers in spring, and snow never lies on the ground for long. That’s why the grass quickly be- comes green and first flowers appear.

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June, July and August are summer month. The weather is hot. The sun shines brightly in this season. There is not much rain, only sometimes strong north-west wind brings showers.

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September, October and November are autumn month. The weather is cool. The nights become large. There are a lot of rain in autumn.

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Nature is beautiful in this place. It is a land of physical contrasts. The land varies from heavy forests to large deserts, from high mountains to deep canyons. If you travel across the country you will see forests, flat planes, fields with green grass and different flowers.

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Certainly there are rivers and lakes here. For example, you can find long wide clean and small rivers.There are many big lakes with clean water and fishes. This place is washed by oceans and seas. Very often you can see sea animals in water.

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There are many beaches and people can have rest here. Palms grow on beaches. There are mountains in this place. They are high, they have snow tops.

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There are many entertainments in this world. There are entertainments for young and old people. For example, a public library. You can see many books there. Young and old people can choose books for any taste. Also there is a school of arts, where you can study all kinds of music, arts and others.

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You can have entertainment in the evening too. For example, you can go to the club, theatre and cinema with your friends.

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There are many museums in the world. We learn many interesting things there.

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Also there are many parks, squares and other wonderful places, where you can rest, associate with your friends and make acquaintance of new interesting people. So, there are many entertainments in the World !

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