Ryazan State University

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Ryazan State University

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Ryazan State University was founded in 1915, as Teacher Training Institute for Women.

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In 1918, it was renamed as Ryazan State Pedagogical Institute. In 1930 it was restructured and again renamed as Ryazan State Pedagogical University.

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In the 1980s it began to offer more courses not connected with teaching. In 1992, it was one of the first pedagogical universities to be granted full university status.

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The university began to use its present name in 2006. It became Ryazan State University. Thus the wide range of faculties was underlined.

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The University has always paid much attention to exact sciences. The Physics-Mathematical Faculty was the first in the field. And it has always occupied one of the leading positions in the University.

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Its history goes back to the year of 1934. The Faculty has been always situated in the main building of the University. Now the faculty trains teachers of physics and mathematics.

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Notably the first Russian woman – algebraist L. N. Zapolskaya (August, 7, 1871, Surky – November, 3, Ryazan, 1943) worked at this faculty. A. V. Perishkin (August, 21, 1902, Ryazan – May, 21, Moscow, 1983), the corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Academy of Pedagogic Sciences studied here.

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Now the physics-mathematical faculty counts 6 specialties: -Mathematics (with “IT” specialty); -Mathematics (with “Physics” specialty); -Physics (with “Information science” or “English language” specialty); -IT management (with: «IT» specialty) -IT (with: «IT teacher» specialty); (postal tuition); -Production and enterprise (postal tuition).

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There are more than 16 Professor and Academics of Sciences at the faculty. There are also more than 40 docents and Candidates of Science. The faculty disposes of modern physics, IT and also research laboratories.

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The Faculty is open for foreign students as well and can dwell them at the hostel in Uritzky St., 22. There is also a special dissertation council which is regarded as one of the most important ones in Russian.

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So the Physics-Mathematical Faculty of Ryazan State University is a wonderful choice for those who decided to become a teacher of Mathematics, Physics or IT.