Logistic Management of investment-construction project

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Logistic Management of investment-construction project TRANSMARKET GROUP

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TRANSMARKET GROUP The group of companies TRANSMARKET GROUP offers development of projects of industrial and civil purpose with construction of technological models, development of technical and economic substantiation and a package of the design-budget documentation at all complex of buildings and constructions, and also complex of works on object input into commercial operation and to its promotion at national and international transport market. During the project realization for definition of development strategy of the warehouse terminal (other objects) there are leading work on analysis of possible technologies and decisions, that are capable to lead to achievement of the maximal operational capacity of planned complexes and increase of their investment appeal, in conformity with strategic plans of the company. ABOUT COMPANY

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Structure investment - construction project phone / fax: + 38 048 7221239,7224831 Conceptual designing Development of the design-budget documentation Management of the project realization COMPANY SEVICES Investment analysis of the project Project of the ground area development Execution of the customer functions General contract for construction

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Structure investment - construction project phone / fax: + 38 048 7221239,7224831 Conceptual designing Management of the project realization COMPANY SERVICES Investment analysis of the project Execution of the customer functions General contract for construction Project of the ground area development Development of the design-budget documentation

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Project of the ground area development phone / fax: + 38 048 7221239,7224831 COMPANY SERVICES Development and estimation of business-idea Estimation of opportunities and restrictions of the ground area Definition of variants of a special-purpose designation of building objects Marketing conclusion on the offered variants Proportions definitions of a site construction according to special-purpose designation Conceptual work of the general plan scheme of a site: Placement and geometry of a site Development of variants of site models according to special-purpose designations of objects Calculation of needs for communication resources Analysis of possible points of connection to power resources Statement of general plan model of a site

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DURING PROJECT DEVELOPMENT THE FOLLOWING PRIMARY GOALS ARE SOLVED: Carrying out of site of building examination, in view of the external and internal factors influencing at rational accommodation of buildings and constructions. Development of possible variants of accommodation and updating of planning decisions, depending on demanded technology and topology of the chosen ground area Performance of conceptual designing on an alternative basis, with the purpose of definition of structure and equipment of technological/workers zones СК, development of space-planning decisions, carrying out of calculations of demanded resources (the technological areas, using vehicles and the warehouse equipment), development of base technologies performance and basic operations and document circulation. And also: Qualitative and normative requirements to construction of a complex are defined; requirements to volume, structure and equipment of the basic capacities; rational technological and layout decisions are developed. phone / fax + 38 048 7221239,7224831 Conceptual designing COMPANY SERVICES

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phone / fax: + 38( 048) 7221239,7224831 COMPANY SERVICES Result: Description of technological models on an alternative basis Analysis and comparison of variants of Model Calculation of parameters of the basic technological zones, demanded equipment and the personnel. Drawings of variants of space-planning decisions СК an explication of premises, every floor plans and cuts, movement schemes of streams , transport, clients and the personnel at objects and territories of a complex Specification demanded of transport and technological equipment Specification of technical equipment The preliminary budget of the civil-engineering design and equipment of a complex Conceptual designing

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phone / fax: + 38 (048)7221239, + 38 (048) 7224831 COMPANY SERVICES The investment analysis of the project ON THE BASIS OF CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT DATA THE FOLLOWING FINANCIAL PARAMETERS OF THE PROJECT ARE ESTIMATED: Estimation of the investment expenses: Expenses for registration of the property rights and technological purpose of the ground area Expense for prospecting and design works Expense for designs and materials Expense for civil and construction works Expense for techniques and the equipment Operational expenses Estimation of the investment expenses: Analysis of market cost indexes (the rate of rent, other) Definition of project profitability Calculation of times of recovery of outlay of the project Estimation of possible investment and it`s attraction: Analysis of investment offers (Ukraine, East Europe, European Union) Carrying out of tenders for project financing Definition of the General financial partner

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phone / fax: + 38 (048)7221239 , + 38 (048)7224831 COMPANY SERVICES On the basis of the concept of a warehouse, on the basis of the building passport, design assignment of logistical project of a warehouse complex, development of the design documentation of a warehouse complex (stage П and Р (РД)) is made. Development of the design-budget documentation Result of design works is scientific and technical production containing following sections: Explanatory note; General plan; Passport of facades; Architecturally-construction plans on buildings and constructions; Decisions on engineering systems and the equipment; Plan of engineering networks; Section of the organization of a relief; Section of an accomplishment and gardening; Section inside area engineering networks; Section of heating and ventilation; Section of water supply and the water drain; Section on the organization of safety of traffic; Power supply; Communication, the signal system, fire; Preservation of the environment; Budget documentation.

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phone / fax: + 38 048 722 4831,7221239 COMPANY SERVICES During of the investment-building project realization, following actions are spent: Execution of function of the customer Preparation of tender documentation, carrying out of tenders for delivery of equipment, designs and materials, performance of construction works Planning of terms and conditions of material – technical support Drawing up of construction works schedules Control of an output of the executive documentation

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phone / fax: + 38 (048)7221239,7224831 COMPANY SERVICES Management of the project realization Within the limits of the project management (supervising), the following complex of actions is realized: Development of the basic plan-project Management of contracts on construction works Supervision of terms and quality performance Accounting and the control of cost change Management of the works schedule at end of contracts Terms and qualities control during delivery of equipment

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phone / fax: + 38 (048)7221239, + 38 (048)7224831 COMPANY SERVICES General construction contract Contracts preparation on construction works performance Work with subcontractors Conclusion of contracts for construction works Spadework on a site Ground works and a lining of communications Construction works Execution of works stages according to approved schedule Release of the executive documentation Input of object in operation Within the limits of general construction contract the following basic functions are carried out:

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CONTACTS Odessa 65045 Phone: +38 048 7221239,7224831 Fax: +38 048 7260649 E-mail: [email protected] www.transmarket.net/partners/