About Prayter Prayter is a your personal praying wall where you can write instant short messages (140 characters max). Your praying partners can see,

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About Prayter Prayter is a your personal praying wall where you can write instant short messages (140 characters max). Your praying partners can see, read and pray about it. Prayter is a kosher Twitter )))” by Prayter user “ It’s my faith network with people I know and trust” by Anna “ Here I know what to share. I know I will get attention and answer!” by Marty “

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Prayter functionality It’s very simple to use. Urgent prayter Prayter is a short instant message that can consist of 140 characters maximum. Urgent prayter - is a prayter which is important. It immediately delivered to your prayer partners email (mobile phones in future)

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Prayter functionality Prayer can be more Interactive. I pray button When you read your friend prayer update and you are joining him in prayer you can click I pray button. Got answer Once you get answer from God for specific need, click Got answer button and you mark that need was answered Also you notify people who prayed for that to rejoice together. Praise God It’s Prayter Like button

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Pray in groups You can create, run and participate in groups. Collective prayer is a big power. Public groups Public - visible for everyone and good if you want to create a public group to people join you in prayer. Private groups Private - you should be accepted by group administrator, such a group type will work well for ministries, organizations, churches. Hidden groups Hidden - group which is not visible in search and you can be invited to group by administrator, that's group is great for groups of people who want to pray for something and not be visible for others.

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We are different Prayter is not marketing tool, it’s for personal and spiritual use. Networking with people you know and trust The essence of Prayter The essence of Prayter is not the number of people on your network, but in relationship with God and the people whom you know and trust. Pray with those who you care about and those who care about you. Pray with people you trust

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Social connect Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts with Prayter. Invite friends from there to join your in prayer. Publish prayters to Facebook and Twitter Your prayters can be published on Facebook and Twitter (all or selected). Use your Facebook friends list to invite to join you on Prayter.

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How Prayter is different from Twitter? It’s different by the vision and goal, as well as some functionality. Prayter goal is to help you build network of spiritual friends to support each other on the daily basis. An example provided by user In Twitter I have 156 microblogs I follow and 60 who follow me. From all that people I know only 23 persons (5%). 2 (0.5%) of them who really know my life and care about me. I read twitts only when I write my. Most of twitts I just ignore. Twitter I have 16 people I praying for and 15 who praying for me. I read most of the prayters, especially urgent ones. I usually pray for them. From 16 people I know in person 14 and trust them all. For more specific prayer needs I run the prayers groups, where prayters are visible to group members only. Prayter Its very commen question we have been asked

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All tongues pray We want people of all nations support each other in prayer on their own languages. Help with translation We need a volunteer help for prayter translation. We have a very comfortable admin form for translation, that’s fast and easy. Please contact us [email protected] English, Russian, Armenian, Ukrainian Currently available languages Under the translation German Needed Spanish, South Korean and more

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Follow Prayter: Contact us We are looking for partners share about the Prayter website on their news, sites, blogs. Please help us to spread the word. E-TransFair GmbH Wieselweg 2 71296 Heimsheim, Germany Email Address phone: +49-7033-3 58 11 (Germany) fax: +49-7033-3 58 28 facebook.com/theprayter twitter.com/theprayter prayter.com/prayter [email protected] phone: +7 965 217 91 84 (Moscow, Russia) phone: +922 918 800 520 (Central Asia)

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But we will continue stedfastly in prayer, and in the ministry of the word (Acts 6:4) Join www.prayter.com today!