Степени сравнения прилагательных в английском языке

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Степени сравнения прилагательных в английском языке Способы построения: ДЛЯ ДЛИННЫХ ПРИЛАГАТЕЛЬНЫХ ДЛЯ КОРОТКИХ ПРИЛАГАТЕЛЬНЫХ

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Compare: Mr. Jones is not happy But Mr. Smith is happier Billy is the happiest of them КОРОТКИЕ ПРИЛАГАТЕЛЬНЫЕ Note: Y>I

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This car is fast The police car is faster This red car is the fastest Which of the cars is the fastest?

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Who is the thinnest? Mr. Brown isn’t thin Mrs. Smith is a bit thinner Mrs. Phillips is the thinnest Note: n > nn

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Which fruit is the sweetest? These apples are sweet These oranges are sweeter These bananas are the sweetest

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Which breakfast is the most substantial? This breakfast is substantial This breakfast is more substantial But this breakfast is the most substantial ДЛИННЫЕ ПРИЛАГАТЕЛЬНЫЕ

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Which of this products is the most healthy? Bread is healthy Meat is more healthy Vegetable is the most healthy product

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Irregular forms (исключения)

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The weather is better in summer. The weather is good in spring The weather is bad in autumn The worst weather is in winter Summer is the best season The weather is worse in winter What weather is the best for the tree?