The 2016 CES Report: The Trend Behind the Trend

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CES 2016 snapshot the event 170,000 total attendees +6% vs. last year +11% international 2.47 million square feet of event space +12% vs. last year 3,800+ exhibitors the social buzz 3,221,600 total mentions, worldwide

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major categories this year connected home connected world connected cars drones & bots drones, bots & photography non-traditional connected self startups & fringe tech cameras CES evolution VR & 360º photography eureka park entertainment streaming video

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Three takeaways for marketers: • Connected World – Consumer Expectations Rising: As our homes, cars and devices all become seamlessly connected, consumer expectations for a brand’s accessibility and ease of use will increase, too. If a product or service isn’t where and how people expect it to be, the brand will likely see some friction and frustration. Marketers should embrace technology to increase positive brand perceptions, experiences and subsequent consumer conversations. • Photography & Entertainment – Making Magic: Just as GoPro made video viewing more compelling, so too will 360º technology. Brands are poised to be at the forefront of providing millions with their first taste of this innovative technology. And, where fitting, marketers should push to use utilize this new medium to position their organizations as modern and first to market. • Startups – A Mutually Beneficial Moment: Startups are presenting themselves as a bigger opportunity for most brands than most ever imagined. Now is the time to start exploring how to work together. Startups need exposure and to grow their user bases, while brands can benefit from relevancy and the halo effect innovative tech partnerships can bring.

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connected world

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connected home trend behind the trend We’re seeing a major push for platform standardization: one “hub” that unites a home’s various connected devices. Gadget manufacturers are also racing to make their products compatible with popular hubs like the Amazon Echo, Apple’s Homekit, and Google Weave. The more seamless connected homes become, the quicker and more likely people are to adapt the technology into their homes. -vs-

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connected home 90k social mentions #3 buzziest in the category best in show Amazon Echo The Echo’s ecosystem of connected products continues to grow. The voice-controlled Echo is the #1 selling home speaker on Amazon. Samsung Family Hub Samsung’s new connected fridge features an oversized touchscreen and integration with calendars, shoppings lists, and food ordering. Netatmo Presence This home-security camera has ‘deep learning’ that allows it to accurately detect suspicious activity and alert owners’ phones.

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connected car trend behind the trend CES 2016 saw many big players – both tech and automotive companies – vying to own the in-car technology experience. Both Apple and Google are positioning themselves as the best solution for automakers and consumers with CarPlay and Android Auto. -vsSome automotive manufacturers are opting to install Apple or Google’s turnkey, in-car systems... While others continue to push their own versions. Ford recently announced it’ll be using Toyota’s system in their vehicles.

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connected car 283k social mentions #1 buzziest in the category best in show Faraday Future FFZERO1 BMW i8 Spyder Lots of buzz led to Faraday unveiling this 1,000 horsepower electric concept car. Limited production expected, but a CES hit. This concept hybrid vehicle features a gesture ‘AirTouch’ control system and a “highly automated” autopilot-like driving system. VW BUDD-e Micro Bus VW revived its legacy bus into a beautiful, efficient, electric concept. It’s intended to “talk” with connected homes effortlessly, too.

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connected self trend behind the trend Wearables are becoming our personal connection to the Internet of Things. The category has seen significant movement towards more specific use cases, although general purpose devices dominate current sales. Wearables are now even eligible for FDA approval. From monitoring vital signs to providing early warnings for patients, health is a huge market. -vsMass Appeal Medical Application

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connected self 182k social mentions #2 buzziest in the category best in show FitBit Blaze Wearable leader FitBit released its own take on the smartwatch – though it’s likely to still focus on health tracking more than other uses. Withings Thermo This Bluetooth and WiFi connected thermometer manages to pack lots of features into an easy-touse, beautifully designed device. Samsung Gear S2 Samsung has finally found its stride for making smart watches. The S2 has been widely praised and will work with iPhones soon.

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drones, bots & photography

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drones trend behind the trend Last year drones were one of the hottest products on the showroom floor. At CES 2016 we saw drones that are packed with new features. From automated cinematography shots to AI driven awareness and object avoidance – the technology advanced very quickly. -vsLaunching in 2016

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drones 395k social mentions #1 buzziest in the category best in show DJI Phantom 3 Intel & Xiaomi's Ninebot DJI upgraded its best selling Phantom with a 4k high resolution camera, better camera control, and remote camera shutter. This robot helper responds to voice commands, and then doubles as a personal ‘hoverboard’ transportation device. Yuntec Typhoon H The Typhoon H was a surprise challenger to DJI at CES, with buzzy and unusual features including automatic object avoidance.

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non-traditional cameras trend behind the trend Like drones and bots, this year’s CES photography offerings were all about upgraded features and abilities. Many touted 4K cameras, 360º image captures, better waterproofed and more robust action cams, and accessories to easily mount rigs to popular drones. -vs-

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non-traditional cameras 60k social mentions #2 buzziest in the category best in show 360 Fly This small, sturdy ball with 360º panoramic views features 4k high resolution video and a design intended to minimize GoPro collisions. Nikon KeyMission 360 Nikon surprised at CES with the creation of its first action camera featuring full 360º, 4k ultra high definition support. Ricoh Theta S Praised by many as one of the the best cameras of CES, the Theta S shoots in standard 1080 high definition and allows for long exposures.

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VR & 360º photography trend behind the trend 2015 was the first big year in virtual reality and 360º photography. 2016 will take that awareness and grow it into access to both viewing such content, and increasingly, capturing it. 360º photography is a new and exciting way to create and consume content. -vsDesktop Powered Headsets Inexpensive Mobile Viewers

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VR & 360º photography 305k social mentions #1 buzziest in the category best in show HTC Vive Oculus Rift (retail version) Google Cardboard Clones HTC’s Vive was a hit at CES. The VR headset features high resolution displays, a frontfacing camera and two handheld controllers. The $600 consumer edition ships in Q1 2016. 11 demo rooms at CES were packed all week with attendees wanting to try the new Rift. In an effort to make VR more accessible, dozens of cardboard clones have been introduced to the public in various forms.

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streaming video trend behind the trend The tech industry is rallying to support the public’s eagerness for streaming options and alternatives to more traditional mediums. Both streaming video hardware and software had a major presence on the showroom floor. Access to high quality content has never been more prevalent. -vsTraditional TV Cord Cutting Competition

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streaming video 25k social mentions #2 buzziest in the category best in show Android TV Android TV made its presence felt with Sony’s offerings at CES. Ultra thin, 4k, HDR models dazzled with the revamped Android TV OS. Netflix On day one at CES Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings announced the streaming service would add 130 new countries, now a total of 190. NeuLion Live 4k NeuLion isn’t a household name, but in 2016 that might change. At CES the company showed live, 4k high definition streaming tech.

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startups & fringe tech

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startups & fringe tech trend behind the trend With 35% more startups than at last year’s event, this group is fueling most of the growth CES has seen in the past three years. Eureka Park, where hundreds of startups hope to get noticed, has become synonymous of where the actual business of the show is done. Big brands – not just tech companies– are exploring potential investments or partnership opportunities with startups more than ever before. 51% 49% traditional electronics fringe technology 90+ 29 IndieGogo alumni countries represented

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startups & fringe tech Owlet Baby Monitor Spün Smart Utensils This washable, wearable baby monitor sock monitors vital signs of kids up to 18 months old. Owelet was named “Best Startup” at CES. best in show This $75 smart utensil promises to count your calories with each bite and lets you know if you need to slow down through its app. Hydrao Eco Showerhead The Hydrao Eco Showerhead, debuted at CES, is equipped with built-in LED lights that can tell you roughly how much water you've used. Immersit 4D Motion Furniture Immersit hopes to turn your favorite couch or chair into a 4D physical experience that moves with the content viewers are watching! Samsung Welt The Welt is a "smart belt" that sends data about users' activity and waist-size to a connected app. A sneaky, useful wearable. GoSun Stove The GoSun directs sunlight towards a cylinder, which the company says can heat up to 550ºF in under 20 minutes. Available summer 2016.

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