These 3 Dividend Stocks Gave Income Investors a Nice Raise

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These 3 Dividend Stocks Gave Income Investors a Nice Raise

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Cintas: 24% Increase to $1.05 Per Share Annually Source: Cintas.

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What You Should Know About Cintas’ Dividend Cintas pays an annual dividend, which is fairly unusual among dividend-paying companies. The boost marks Cintas’ 32nd consecutive year of annual dividend increases, keeping it among the elite group of Dividend Aristocrat stocks. Cintas’ percentage increase over last year’s dividend was the largest in more than a decade. Even after the increase, Cintas has a yield of only 1.1%. Cintas pays out less than 30% of its earnings in dividends.

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Yum! Brands: 12% Increase to $0.46 Per Share Quarterly Source: Yum! Brands.

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What You Should Know About Yum! Brands’ Dividend Yum! Brands extended its dividend-rise streak to 11 years. After the boost, Yum! yields about 2.5%. Yum! is targeting a payout ratio of 45% to 50% of net income, but the current 88% figure is much higher as it doesn’t reflect the adjustments Yum! intends to make. Recent plans to split off its China business from the rest of Yum! could result in changes to its future dividends. Concerns about slowing growth in China could also affect Yum!’s ability to sustain higher dividends.

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Lockheed Martin: 10% Increase to $1.65 Per Share Quarterly Source: Lockheed Martin.

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What You Should Know About Lockheed Martin’s Dividend Lockheed’s payout increase marks the 13th straight year that investors have gotten more from the defense giant. The company pays out about 60% of its earnings in dividends. Lockheed Martin now yields about 3%, which currently makes it one of the most generous dividend-payers in the once cash-rich defense industry. The company’s purchase of the Sikorsky helicopter unit could result in even larger profits down the road, which in turn could help support more aggressive dividend increases in the future.

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