The Human Future of Money

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The Human Future Of M0ney @ChangeSciences  2016    

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The future of money is probably Bitcoin

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Or maybe the future of money is VR flickr  @sergesegal  

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The future of money is certainly MOBILE payments

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Money is MOBILE 39%   Use  mobile  banking   22%   Use  mobile  payments   It’s not tied to a place or an object anymore Federal  Reserve,  2015  

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People use financial apps 30%   more frequently than others Adobe,  2014  

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USE of online banking is high CONFIDENCE is low Ernst  &  Young,  2014  

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Trust is still low, while EMOTIONS run high Edelman,  2015  

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FINANCIAL SERVICES 1 HEALTHCARE 3 FODD 7 INTERNET 9 12   ENERGY & UTILITES FINANCIAL SERVICES are considered less meaningful by consumers Meaningful  Brands,  2015  

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How can financial services have a REAL IMPACT ?

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The future of money requires a HUMAN touch

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           Learn  about  our  2016                financial  services  research       TRENDS toward a human future of Money

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1   The human future of money is extreme SIMPLICITY

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The more an experience gets out of the way, the more powerful its IMPACT

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People report feeling happier on financial sites and apps that are less cluttered Change  Sciences,  2015   Change  Sciences,  2015   Change  Sciences,  2015  

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People report feeling happier on financial sites and apps that make COMPLICATED UNCOMPLICATED Change  Sciences,  2015  

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LESS IS MORE when it comes to how we interact with our money online flickr  @materialboy  

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The financial sites and apps of the future will ANTICIPATE OUR NEEDS

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And at the same time gives us space to REFLECT

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2   The human future of money relies on TRANSPARENCY

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TRUTH is what we seek when it’s our money

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Financial sites that provide clarity on rates & fees are in the top 10%   Change  Sciences,  2015  

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34%   As much as we want truth in banking, we want banks to help us discover the truth about ourselves Change  Sciences,  2015  

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3   The human future of money shows CONSIDERATION flickr  @pagedooley  

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Our financial services apps have DATA about all our transactions

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Our financial apps may even RECOGNIZE our faces or fingerprints

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But we need to be appreciated as REAL PEOPLE tumblr  @okekukaki  

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Personalization is a start, but what we really want is CONSIDERATION Change  Sciences,  2015   Change  Sciences,  2015  

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The future of money will show and cultivate GRATITUDE

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4   The human future of money feels like COMMUNITY flickr  @pagedooley  

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We want real human STORIES

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12%   more likely to return to a financial site with authentic human stories Change  Sciences,  201

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People report feeling happier on financial sites and apps that feel CONVERSATIONAL Change  Sciences,  2015  

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We still crave real human CONNECTION

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5   The human future of money is GROWTH

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We know this is growth when it comes to OUR MONEY

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We hope we can take SHORTCUTS

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We know there is more to HAPPINESS

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But we still need to LEARN

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People felt happiest when they were able to DISCOVER Change  Sciences,  2015  

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10%   more likely to recommend when learning something new Change  Sciences,  2015  

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People are happiest when they can see the connection between MONEY AND REAL LIFE Change  Sciences,  2015  

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Nudge us toward positive behaviors for FINANCIAL HEALTH

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Technology needs a new model evolve   reflect   engage   reveal   WELlNESS Change  Sciences  

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The future of money is not all about TECHNOLOGY flickr  @scoKks1  

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           Learn  about  our  2016                financial  services  research       The Future of M0ney looks HUMAN reddit  @moneyface  

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Change Sciences connects human well-being with technology     flow   engagement       authen1city     crea1vity   ease       simplicity       mo1va1on   a7achment       control       autonomy       discovery       connec1on       growth       alignment       sustainability       community   trust       transparency       respect       gra1tude   Measuring the net positive effect to people’s lives

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Let’s  create  a     human  future  for  technology  

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