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1. On a lighter note. Founded by Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka, the name of this major electronics maker comes from the Latin word for sound. Which company?

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2. What more do I have to say ? The picture was clicked by George Tames and was christened by the New York Times as X. The picture depicts Y, who had a problem with his back that prevented him from sitting for prolonged periods of time. From behind, it looks as if he is carrying the weight of the world. Y – Who had a bad back – simply was reading the newspapers standing up, as he often preferred to do. Although the photo was taken just a few months into Y’s administration, the photo became of special importance during Z, a period of intense turmoil on the international front. Identify X,Y,Z.

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3. The Disney studio first began exploring a possible live action/animation biography film of author and poet Hans Christian Andersen sometime in late 1937. In March 1940, Walt Disney suggested a co-production to film producer Samuel Goldwyn, where Goldwyn's studio would shoot the live-action sequences of Andersen's life and Disney's studio would animate Andersen's fairy tales. The animated sequences would be based on some of Andersen's best known works, such as The Little Mermaid, The Little Match Girl, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, X, Thumbelina, The Ugly Duckling, The Red Shoes, and The Emperor's New Clothes. However, the studio encountered difficulty with X, as it could not find a way to adapt and relate the X’s character to modern audiences. Even as far back as the 1930s and 1940s, it was clear that the source material contained great cinematic possibilities, but X character proved to be too problematic. X is still considered one of Hans’s greatest works and the deadlock surrounding the production of the movie was broken recently, culminating in Y. What is X, and Y?

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4. “It started with an Eric Clapton guitar (a Fender Lead II, for the gearheads in the audience). The beginning of something that nobody even knew was beginning.  It was just a goof. A laugh. A joke among friends.  Back in the seventies, Clapton - the original guitar god, founder of Cream and Derek & the Dominoes, creator of the immortal "Layla" - liked to eat at this quirky American diner in London called the X. The place was this funky old building that used to be a Rolls Royce dealership, and it was run by a couple of young Americans who liked to keep it loose. Founded by Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton, two enterprising and music-loving Americans, X was an instant classic.”

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5. 16 X’s Nobel Prize added to the family’s grand total of nobel prize and making their family the only family to have won the nobel prize. By family we mean, two successive generations of scientists. Identify the family.

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6. Google defines it as - 1. a curtain or piece of fabric fastened so as to hang in a drooping curve, 2. money or goods taken by a thief or burglar, 3. a traveller's or miner's bundle of personal belongings. Urban Dictionary defines it as The most used word in the whole fucking universe. Douche bags use it, your kids use it, your mailman uses it, and your fucking dog uses it. If you got ____, you generally wear those shitty hats side way, and your ass hanging out like a fucking goof cause your pants are half way down your white ass legs. What word which is also the subject of a facebook trend that has recently gripper our Y13s?

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7. Karen Gravano, daughter of Salvatore Gravano, filed a lawsuit against X because she felt that X ripped off her story completely. Curiously, the creators of X face a lot of these lawsuits, because their stories, even their characters directly lampoon the lives that these people lead and how they indulge in extravagance. ID X, or the creators of X.

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8. Minimalist poster.

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9. In the Mahabharata, X was the army commander of Matsya, the country ruled by King Virata, where the Pandavas hid during their one year incognito, before their exile ended. X, famously tried to woo and subsequently rape the disguised Draupadi, only to pulled shredded to bits by the mighty Bheem. The same story forms the basis of significant event in Tamil Cinema. Identify X, and the relation to Tamil Cinema.

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10. Whose epitaph- “He lies somewhere here.”

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11. Me at the Zoo was shot by Yakov Lapitsky at the San Diego Zoo and starred Jawed Karim, who talked about how elephants have like really really long trunks, like really long. What is so special about this video?

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12. In Stieg Larsson's 2006 book The Girl Who Played With Fire, the main character Lisbeth Salander is mesmerized by the Theorem. She spends a great deal of time trying to prove it herself, stubbornly avoiding the presented proof, eventually seeing through the riddle at a pivotal point in the action. Salander's final solution is different from that of Wiles. Salander claims that the solution was something implied by _____'s declaration that the margin of the book that the Theorem was printed in was too small for the proof to be shown. The new solution that Salander discovered was later forgotten by her after she is shot in the head. What theorem?

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14. The _______ is a very valuable, very violent species of magical plant. ________ attack anyone and anything that comes within range of its branches. A deciduous plant, its limbs function as arms and any damage to them must be treated in much the same way.

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15. In football the term refers to The law states that player is _____ when the ball is touched or played by a teammate, may not become actively involved in the play. A player is ________ when he or she is in the opponent's half of the pitch and closer to the opponents' goal line than both the ball and the second-to-last opponent (usually the last defensive player in front of the goalkeeper). In cricket this term refers to an entirely different thing. What word?

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16. In Kanpur, India, an electricity thief provides Robin Hood style services to the poor in the face of day long power-cuts. Meanwhile the first female chief of the local electricity supply company has vowed to put an end to all illegal connections, for good. In a summer of crisis, both come to terms with India's energy poverty. Which recently released movie?

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17. A manufacturer of high end musical instruments, Steinway Inc. is a much known company. Interestingly Steinway’s ticker symbol as found on the Dow is LVB which seems surprising on first glance. However this ticker is s tribute to a certain genius in the field of music. Who ?

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18. Yet Another Minimalist Poster.

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19. Born as Temujin, X unified the nomadic tribes into one and was granted the title he used throughout his life which loosely means ‘great ruler’. X’s virility is legendary with a popular rumor that 1 of every 6 can trace it’s decent to him. X’s empire was the largest his world had ever seen. After his death his empire fell into ruin. Identify X.

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20. The World Series of ____ is a tournament held annually at Las Vegas. It’s origins comes from a tournament held at the Horseshoe in Las Vegas where Benny Binion invited the world top 7 players. ____ is an immensely popular sport which benefited from the advent of social gaming. The sport please.

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21. One such story says that the _____ kebab was created by the Nawab of ____, Syed Mohammad Haider Kazmi, who, stung by the remark of a British officer about the coarse texture of the kebabs served at dinner, ordered his rakabdars (gourmet cooks) to evolve a more refined seekh kebab. After ten days of research, they came up with a kebab so soft and so juicy it won the praise of the very British officer who had scorned the Nawab. The winning formula that his rakabdars came upon included mince obtained from no other part but the raan ki machhli (tendon of the leg of mutton), khoya, white pepper and a mix of powdered spices. The place ____ was also the place where Chandrashekhar Azad and co. looted a British train. The place/kebab ?

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22. Born Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, or better known as Y, at the age 18 Y suffered a life threatening paralysis due to a swimming pool accident but remarkably made a full recovery. He has since tithed his income to a church. His famous celebration sees him pointing his hands to the sky as if thanking god for his recovery. In his career he has won numerous honours like the Ballon D’Or, the World Cup, the Champions League. Who ?

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23. _______ — Lead Vocals Paresh Kamath — Lead guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals Naresh Kamath — Bass guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals Kurt Peters — Drums Samuel Shetty — Drums Naitik Nagda — Indian & Western Percussions Jose Neil Gomes - Saxophone, Violin, Acoustic Guitar, Flute Sameer Chiplunkar - Keyboard Jovian Soans Tapas Roy - Mandolin, Dulcimer

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24. Behind every great fortune lies a great crime. - Honore de Balzac. What book begins with this quote?

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25. To end the prelims on a personal note. Identify this legend, Die Raumdauter.

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Round 1 - Infinite Bounce The Finals

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1. I’ll have that massage at 3. Working at Columbia University, Edward Kasner specialized in Differential Geometry and was supervised in his PhD by David Hilbert and Felix Klein. Known for contributions such as the Kasner Metric, his most famous contribution is known in an entirely different context from mathematics. Introducing this in his book Mathematics and Imagination, Edward remarked that he asked his nephew Milton for a word to describe an idea he was thinking of and Milton gave him one. Milton also would give him another word for an ‘upgrade’ on Edward’s original idea. Both these words are much known except in an entirely different context. Words or Funda ?

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Googol and Googolplex.

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2. The Island ? Really ? X literally means The Island and is owned by the the Qatari House of Thani. Due to the ownership by the Qatari Govt. it’s credibility has often been doubted and back in 2011 resulted in a controversy that saw UAE, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia withdraw it’s diplomats from Doha. The logo might help.

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Al Jazeera.

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3. Learned Free Men. The origin of this term probably comes from the Qur’an’s Surat Al-Baqarah and is used predominantly to refer respected leaders of the community, however in Persia this refers to none other than Rumi himself. This word has been borrowed into Swahili too and refers to teachers at a madrasa. What word ?

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4. Hard Rock ain’t my genre. Amongst the numerous controversies surrounding Y, in 2002 the Supreme Court rejected an appeal by P.N. Oak who claimed that Y was actually a Hindu Shiva temple built by Rajput rulers and based his appeal on it’s similarity to the Candi Prambanan temple in Java in architecture. In 2005 a similar case was dismissed this time by A.N. Mishra regardings Y’s history. What ?

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Taj Mahal.

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Whoa !! An alien Indian, hailing from afar, Who in the town of Quito did abide. And neighbor claimed to be of Bogata, There having come, I know not by what way, Did with him speak and solemnly announce A country rich in emeralds and gold. Also, among the things which them engaged, A certain king he told of who, disrobed, Upon a lake was wont, aboard a raft, To make oblations, as himself had seen, His regal form overspread with fragrant oil On which was laid a coat of powdered gold From sole of foot unto his highest brow, Resplendent as the beaming of the sun. Arrivals without end, he further said, Were there to make rich votive offerings Of golden trinkets and of emeralds rare And divers other of their ornaments; And worthy credence these things he affirmed; The soldiers, light of heart and well content, Then dubbed him ________, and the name By countless ways was spread throughout the world.

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El Dorado

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6. Turtle of Destruction, I cast you !!! X is word that shall always be associated with a certain TV series, an essential part of our childhood. Although to the minority of scholars, X is actually a certain Hawaiian King who was the first to unite the islands of Hawaii and laid down a set of laws. How Akira Toriyama decided to use this name to describe the release of latent energy all at once from the protagonists body is for us to speculate. The word X please.

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7. This time for a sucky movie. United Passions a film starring Tim Roth and Gerard Depardieu among others dealing with the history of a particular organization. The organization in question itself funded the film with a massive 16 billion outlay. Currently rated 3/10 on ImDb, John Oliver lampooned the show on Last Week Tonight, stating that the “the movie, like ____ itself looks terrible”. Which organization which recently came under scrutiny ?

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8. Whose artwork ?

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Adolf Hitler.

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9. When In London.

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Eugenie Bouchard & Jim Parsons at Wimbledon.

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10. Fava beans with your toast ? In movies and TV Series spread across decades, this character has been played by Brian COx who modelled it on Scottish serial killer Peter Manuel, later by Anthony Hopkins, Gaspard Ulliel in a younger version and lately Mads Mikkelsen in the much acclaimed TV series. Which character ?

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Hannibal Lecter.

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11. A Night in Malluville. Minister of State for Commerce Nirmala Sitharaman, very recently, asked for permission from the Speaker and then went on to do what in the Lok Sabha?

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She asked for permission and then replied verbatim to a question in Tamil.

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12. Such bad asses you are. In a popular Superman comic, which astrophysicist, who also irked Sheldon Cooper;s wrath for his role in demoting Pluto from planet status, actually comes to superman’s aid and finds the planet Krypton?

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HH Neil deGrasse Tyson.

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Round 2 List It.

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List It - 1 Indian/India Born Nobel Laureates.

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Rabindranath Tagore, CV Raman, Har Gobind Khorana, Mother Teresa, S Chandrasekhar, Amartya Sen, V Ramakrishnan, Rudyard Kipling, Amartya Sen, Ronald Ross, Rudyard Kipling, VS Naipaul, RK Pachauri, Mohammed Yunus, Abdus Salam.

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Round 3 Infinite Bounce Reversed

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1. Funda ?

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Emma Watson’s tweet after Erdogan’s ridiculous comments on women smiling in public.

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2. A Sceptre of Temporal Power. X is the name given to the bi-annual exercise of shifting the secretariat and all other government offices from capital city to another in the state of Y. The tradition was started during Dogra rule in 1872 by Maharaja Ranbir Singh. What are X and Y?

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X - Durbar Y - Jammu & Kashmir

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3. Da-Dum-Da-Dum-Da-Dum-Da-Dum Jaipur Pink Panthers U Mumba Patna Pirates Telugu Titans Bengaluru Bulls Dabang Delhi Bengal Warriors Puneri Paitan What ?

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Pro Kabaddi League.

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4. Rolling in it. For what specific thing did Facebook pay the The American Farm Bureau Federation 8.5 million dollars?

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The domain

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5. Rolling in it, these blokes too. __________ also referred to as motor neuron disease (MND), Charcot disease (in France "maladie de Charcot"), and, in the United States, Lou Gehrig's disease—is a neurodegenerative disease with various causes. It is characterised by muscle spasticity, rapidly progressive weakness due to muscle atrophy, difficulty in speaking (dysarthria), swallowing (dysphagia), and breathing (dyspnea). ALS is the most common of the five motor neuron diseases. One of the famous victims of this disease is Stephen Hawking. In recent times this disease has somehow accumulated the internet's attention. How so ?

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

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6. A little bemused I am. ____ actually comes from the Roman for for a container or a pot and is a very very famous form of pasta. This pasta is typically sold as sheets after which it is cut off and used for cooking. Weirdly enough comic writer Jim Davis helped popularise this pasta when he talked of one his characters insatiable lust for this. What character ?

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Garfield and Lasagna.

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7. <Insert Witty Caption> Frank Oz was a master puppeteer who worked frequently in the Muppets his stellar work led him to be cast as one of the most well known characters of the century. Although Jim Henson (the Muppets founder) was contacted first for this role, Oz was chosen and the rest as they say is well known quiz trivia. Which legendary character ?

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Master Yoda.

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8. Surreal. Evanna Lynch’s obsession with Harry Potter is almost legendary. While hospitalised as an 11 year old, she was allowed to sneak out for an hour to collect a signed copy of the book. She also maintained an epistolary relationship with JK Rowling throughout her childhood. In a fairytale moment, Evanna also won the role of a character in the Harry Potter series and was described by Rowling as “perfect”. WHich character does Evanna Lynch play?

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Luna Lovegood.

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9. Maharishi what have you done. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was an Indian spiritual guru who developed many meditation techniques and achieved international fame. However he shall always be remembered for being the spiritual guru of the band X. X devoted themselves fully to his instruction however when news came of his sexual advances towards Mia Farrow, X wrote ‘Sexy Sadie’ dedicated to him which was originally to be named ‘Maharishi’. Which famous band?

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The Beatles.

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10. The Corner of an Indian Field. This iconic cricket ground located in India has only ever hosted two cricket matches, the first, India vs West Indies ended in an Indian loss and was interrupted due to rain. The second saw India face Australia which ended in a cliffhanger and saw Australia win however during the match CRPF had to be deployed as some supporters chanted ‘Pakistan Zindabad’. Now a desolate and unguarded ruin. The quizmaster himself spent an hour looking at this forgotten symbol of a forgotten past during his visit to the splendid city, this ground is located in. Which city?

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Sher-i-Kashmir ground is Srinagar.

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11. Confusion will be my epitaph. Which philosopher’s last words - “Go away! Last words are for fools who haven't said enough.”

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Karl Marx.

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12. The Sense of an Ending. Also known as the Kingdom of the Black Pelican, X was described as ‘one of the numerous Balkan republics’ and lives in a state or political tension with it’s neighbour. The official currency is a khor and the capital of X is Klow. The kingdom’s motto is "Eih bennek, eih blavek!” loosely translating to “If you gather thistles, expect prickles”. The current regent is King Mushkar the 12th. Which country ?

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Round 4 List It - 2

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It Ends. Gimme all the movies to have won both the best actor and the best actress.

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1934 (7th) Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert -- It Happened One Night 1975 (48th) Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher -- One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest 1976 (49th) Peter Finch, Faye Dunaway -- Network 1978 (51st) Jon Voight, Jane Fonda -- Coming Home 1981 (54th) Henry Fonda, Katharine Hepburn -- On Golden Pond 1991 (64th) Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster -- The Silence of the Lambs 1997 (70th) Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt -- As Good As It Gets

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