American Country Music

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American Country Music Vocabulary

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If you learn what’s in this presentation, you will . . . Before we begin: Teacher Bao

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do better on exams (e.g., CET, TOEFL, IELTS, BEC)

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have something to talk about with foreign friends

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Let’s get started!

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“Country music is the people's music . . .

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It just speaks about real life …

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and about truth . . .

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and it tells things how they really are.” Faith Hill, Country Singer

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General Vocabulary

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Composer Person who writes the music for songs

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Lyrics - the words of a song Lyricist - the writer of words for a song

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Ballad - a slow, sad song that tells a story, often romantic, historic, or tragic

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Genre - a type or category, in this case, of music

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Crossover A song that starts in one musical genre and becomes popular in another genre

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Twang: when singing, sounds made through the nose; a characteristic of early country music george_strait-twang.mp3 Click here to listen to the sound of TWANG Hint: in the new page, click on the “play” button in the upper left hand corner

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Yodel- a form of singing where the voice changes quickly between the normal voice and a very high sound (falsetto) Click here to listen to someone yodel

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Cover - a recording of a song that was first recorded by somebody else

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The Grand Ole Opry (1) a place; a theater in the American South (Tennessee) that produces live country music shows (2) a weekly country music radio program

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Roots of Country Music

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Sources of Country Music Trains Church Singers Fiddlers Square Dancing Banjo Players Singing Cowboys Steamboats Folk Singers Fiddlers

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Instruments of Country Music

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Guitar Fiddle Bass Mandolin Steel guitar Banjo

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Steel Guitar

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Types of Country Music

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Hillbilly Singing Cowboy Honky Tonk Rock - A - billy Blue grass Nashville Sound Neo- Country Country Music Genres

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??? Hillbilly Country music from Texas and Oklahoma; rough, loud and often including yodeling

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Singing Cowboy

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A type of country music first played in noisy [???] bars; often included a piano Honky-tonk

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?? Rockabilly a blend of black music and country music; part of the roots of rock and roll

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Bluegrass A type of country music played at a rapid speed on banjos and guitars

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Country music that includes elements of popular music; broadcast on radio & TV out of Nashville, Tennessee The Nashville Sound

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Modern country music that takes its inspiration from traditional country artists Neotraditional Country

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Country Music’s Place in Time

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Hillbilly 1922 1941

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1935 Singing Cowboys 1955

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1941 Honky Tonk 1955

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1954 1960 Rockabilly

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1940 Bluegrass Present …

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Present … Nashville Sound 1958

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1980 Present … Neotraditional

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Country music IS the people's music! Appendix

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Word List In this presentation all vocabulary words appear in yellow

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Hillbilly 1922 - 1941 Singing Cowboys 1935 - 1955 Bluegrass 1940 - Present Honky-tonk 1941 - 1955 Rockabilly 1954 - 1960 Nashville Sound 1958 - Present Neotraditional 1985 - Present Timeline

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