Pride and Prejudice By: Lauren Hixon

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Pride and Prejudice By: Lauren Hixon

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Main Characters Elizabeth Bennet (Lizzy) - protagonist, quick-witted, lovely, clever, intelligent with a sharp tongue Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy - wealthy overly proud man, master of great estate of Pemberley Jane Bennet - Lizzy’s beautiful older sister Mr. Bingley - Wealthy man, Darcy’s best friend, always smiling Mr. Wickham - military officer, Lydia Bennet - Jane and Lizzy’s youngest sister, very immature

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The Plot Elizabeth Bennet, who is a witty and independent young girl, lives in England with her four sisters, her mother, and her father. When Mr. Bingley, a handsome, rich, young bachelor, arrives to stay briefly in Longbourn (where the Bennets live), Mrs. Bennet immediately tries to get one of her daughters to marry him. Bingley is a charming young man and quickly falls in love with the eldest Bennet sister, the beautiful Jane. It is a guarded relationship, so Jane and Bingley don't express outright their mutual feelings for each other, though Bingley obviously shows favor to Jane. Meanwhile, Bingley's proud friend Darcy meets Elizabeth. Elizabeth loathes Mr. Darcy, and avoids him as much as possible. Though Darcy is proud and reserved at first, it becomes obvious of his fondness for Elizabeth. Convention, however, restricts his affection for her, seeing as he is rich and high on the social ladder, and Elizabeth comes from a middle-class family. In the end Jane and Bingley get married. In the beginning of the story Lizzy has an uncomplicated, funny and witty nature; Darcy is rather snobbish, proud and reserved. Almost each time they meet, things end up in a quarrel, and Lizzy hates and teases him frankly. But her eyes open when Mr. Wickham, the former center of admiration, turns out to be a liar, and she has to admit that she had done injustice to Mr. Darcy, who forgives her. They get married and live happily ever after.

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Primary Concepts: Intercultural Communication Power Verbal Communication Nonverbal Communication Listening Responding Conflict Disclosure Supportive Interaction Johari Window

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Intercultural Communication Interactions that occur between people whose cultures are so different that the communication between them is altered. Ex: The first interaction between Lizzy and Darcy happens at a local ball. The rich elite, Darcy,Bingley and his two sisters, walk into the room and everyone becomes silent. The elites eyes scan the entire room with stern faces and their noises in the air. “Better pleased with themselves then what they see.”-Lizzy

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Power The potential that you have to influence the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of someone else. Referent Power: The potential to influence others rooted in liking, respect or admiration. Ex: Darcy has referent power over Bingley because he believes Darcy when he tells him to stop seeing Jane. Legitimate Power: The potential to influence others rooted in a certain role. Ex: Lady Catherine De Bourgh ( Darcy’s Aunt) is a very rich, proud elderly woman. She uses her wealth and power to control the people around her.

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Verbal Communication Messages that are spoken using Language. Specific Language: Messages with concrete and precise words. Ex: A famous line from this movie is a statement to Bingley from Darcy about Lizzy, during the first ball they attended in Longbourn, “She is tolerably, but not handsome enough to tempt me..”-Darcy

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Nonverbal Communication Any and all communication outside of the spoken word. Gestures: Hand, Arm and Finger Movements which replace words. Ex: When Mr. Wickham puts his arm out, asking Lizzy if she wants to take a walk around the grounds. Facial Expression: Using Facial expression to communicate and provide feedback. Ex: Mr. Darcy is always staring at Lizzy, it’s socially unacceptable and is quite rude behavior.

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Listening Receiving and constructing meaning from a message Active Listening: Understanding, remembering, and responding to a message. Ex: When Bingley is speaking with Jane she is looking right at him, smiling and nodding. Poor Listening: Not actively listening to or accepting a message. Ex: While Mrs. Bennet is talking to her friends about Mr. Bingley’s 5,000 lbs a year Lizzy is looking around the room paying no attention.

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Responding Providing some feedback to your speaking partners message. Proper Responses: Includes waiting till the message is completed, responding to the subject at hand and talking back. Ex: In the end of the movie Mr. Darcy listens to everything Lizzy says and responds well to what she says. Poor Responses: Includes cutting off the speaker, changing the subject, and simply not responding in any way. Ex: Lady Catherine De Bourg cutting off Lizzy’s cousin Mr. Collins while speaking at her castle.

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Managing Conflict Dealing with Conflict Forcing: Resolving a Conflict by satisfying your own needs. Ex: Lizzy’s mother resolves a conflict between herself and Lizzy about Lydia traveling with the officer using the forcing method. She wants all her girls to get married and will do whatever she has to to make that happen. Compromising: Resolving conflict through give and take. Ex: Mr. Bennet knows Mr. Darcy as a very proud stubborn man and finds it hard to believe that Lizzy really loves him, and they have a deep conversation about him. He ends up believing her in the end. Ex: Another example could be after the first time Mr. Darcy purposed to Lizzy, he was rude and mean, said he loved Lizzy going against everything he is. He completed insulted her. With no hesitation she declined and sent him away. After a day or two he left a note apologizing.

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Disclosure Revealing Confidential or Secret Information Disclosing Feeling: owning and explaining your feelings precisely. Ex: Mr. Darcy sent Lizzy a long letter after his failed marriage proposal, telling her all his dealings with Mr. Wickham, he opens his heart and his life to her.

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Supportive Interaction Supportive Interaction is defined as a conversation or series of conversations in which messages of support are offered to someone. Ex: Elizabeth helps Georgiana (Darcy’s younger sister) while at Lady Catherine De Bourgs House, she plays the piano with her and sings. When Catherine brings up her ex-love Wickham, Elizabeth quickly distracts Georgiana and turns the pages. Elizabeth knows about her terrible dealings with Wickham so she pays close attention to her.

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Johari Window Darcy and Lizzy’z relationship in the movie shows the change in self disclosure and feedback of their Johari window At the beginning of the film, both characters knew little about each other which left their windows small Slowly they share more and more with each other, mostly through rude or sarcastic remarks in the beginning, but it slowly turns into love and respect As the characters continue to find out more and more about each other the blind spots start to disappear, and at the end of the movie the open window is the largest.