Featuring :- Stanley Choudary , Goldy Naaz , Joe Jonny, Akshat Bhanu, Aman Suraj , Sukhjeet Chaggar

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Featuring :- Stanley Choudary , Goldy Naaz , Joe Jonny, Akshat Bhanu, Aman Suraj , Sukhjeet Chaggar

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What Makes AAYAT Special?? A Division from Rock, Twist from Jazz, a flick from folk & a touch of class is the way we see towards & describe our music. Aayat has a unique blend of various music cultures. We believe in experimenting and not categorizing just to one stem or genre. Aayat is not merely mixing Western Instruments with Indian but actually combining the two without tempering the feel or hurting the soul of it.

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Diamonds of AAYAT ! Stanely : Lead Vocalist & Guitarist Goldie Naaz : Percussions & Vocals Jonny : Percussions Akshat : Guitarist Sukhjeet: Bass Guitarist Aman Suraj : Vocalist - Punjabi

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Stanley : Lead Vocalist & Guitarist Stanely hails from the family of distinguished musicians that includes vocalist, tabla payer, guitarist etc. He carried the legacy of his paternal uncle. He started his music career Professionally in 2009 as a music teacher and slowly came into the commercial sector and turned into a renowned band named Aayat 2011. He is performing as a main vocal singer and also is a guitarist.

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Goldy Naaz : Percussionist & Vocalist Goldy Naaz had a deep passion and interest in music since childhood. At the age of 7 he started with vocal training under Late Pt. Rajinder Goswami Ji. he is one of the few who plays traditional tabla in today's era. His versatility, keenness and strong urge of experimentation with different percussion exposed him to various musical forms ranging from Ragas to Rock pop to folk as is reflected in his compositions. This fact makes him really astonishing & outstanding in his prospective field as a percussionist as well as a composer & arranger. He can be defined as a complete percussionist who is filing rhythm to the music with his talent. He is not only a performer but a PHD(Music) Student and a Music Teacher too.

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Jonny : Percussionist Jonny is a versatile percussionist who has been studying music since 1995. He plays a vide array of percussions and is proficient in playing different instruments. He has been playing professionally since 1997 as a part of various classical and western troops and preachers.. His strength are being able to play any type of genre music and his comfort with all percussion instruments. He is currently doing his P.hd in music. He is not only a performer or a student but a music teacher too. He has been a part of Aayat and playing with them regularly and has also played and recorded for lots of shabads and punjabi songs with local artists

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Akshat : Lead Guitarist His personality is much like his guitar that goes with the flow. Akshat started playing guitar at a very early age. He started running his hand in rock music and started playing with different troops. He holds profound knowledge of western music as well as Indian classical music which allows him to infuse and blend east & west at ease.

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Sukhjeet : Bass Guitarist & Sound Engineer Sukhjeet started his obsession with the four string thing in 2009.He is one of those rare musicians whose expertise & virtuosity transcend issues of style. He s not only a good guitarist but has also got a keen interest in Live Sound Enforcement. He has been doing FOH (Front of House) or live sound engineering from past 2 years now . He s not only a musician or a sound engineer but also a student at Chitkara University.

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Aman Suraj : Vocalist (Punjabi) If you are looking for a voice with a sense of reality & echoes from the rural belt of Punjab, you’re looking for Aman. His Vocals speaks volume about his awareness of the sound that has shaped the melody of Punjabi heritage. His stanch loyalty to the turban has made him stand out .

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Moments for AAYAT Have Performed more than 300 shows. Some major highlights Delhi Suraj Kund – World Art Fest Performed with Peru- South American Embassy Lovely Professional University – Opening for Sharukh Khan’s Chennai Express Worked for Osho World Music Shangrila @ Delhi – Performed for ambassadors of 30 countries.

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Is Famous for Changing the Mood

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Its about Passion Not about Profession

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Visit us at YouTube & Facebook Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4 Video 5 https://www.facebook.com/aayatthefusionband

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For More Inquiries : AAYAT - The Fusion Band Ph : 91 9855608611 . 91 9872248265 Email : [email protected]