15 Life Lessons From Classic Board Games

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You would have thought that video games would kill the board game market. If you think that playing games in front of a screen has ended board games forever, you are wrong!

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Thanks to shows like TableTop hosted by Wil Wheaton on YouTube and Family Game Night hosted by Todd Newton on Hub Network, board games have been enjoyed by more and more people. Yes, geeks and nerds love playing board games as much as video games, card games, and RPG Games.

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Also, every geek/nerd convention usually has gaming where you can join in and play a wide variety of board games, card games, RPG Games, and video games. Plus, board games are a great family activity that are fun for the entire family! You often see Hasbro promoting Family Game Nights!

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So, if you can’t play with Wil Wheaton on TableTop or play classic Hasbro games on Family Game Night, you can still enjoy a wide variety of classic and new board games! Just about anyone would love to join you and your family/friends for a game!

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As you can see, there are hundreds of board games you can play today! In this presentation, I am sharing 15 life lessons from some classic board games you probably played while you were growing up! So, get your dice and roll right along!

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Learning About Words 1 Scrabble taught you words and how to spell the words. But today, how many of you let spell check correct your mistakes? Scrabble

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Sweets Are Cool & Yummy 2 Candy Land taught you about taking turns, and it also taught you that candy and sweets are really, really, really good! Candy Land

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You Want To Rule The World 3 Risk taught you all the steps necessary for world domination. But, unless you want to be picked up, don’t think about it! Risk

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Don’t feel Sorry! 4 Sorry! taught you that knocking someone out during the game is something you experience in life, like seeing others being laid off while you keep your job, you think back to Sorry! Sorry!

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Passing Go! Is Cool 5 Monopoly taught you what it takes to invest in real estate, but today, how many of you actually invest in real estate? Monopoly

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Mysteries Are Addicting 6 Clue taught you about how to solve a crime. But did Clue really teach people about how addicting mystery dramas are? Clue

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The Ultimate Geek/Nerd Game 7 Chess taught you to think far ahead in the game and make the right moves, or soon your king and queen was gone! Chess

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The Easy Geek/Nerd Game 8 Checkers taught you how addicting and easy it was to win in this game. The best part was when you got to say “King Me!” Checkers

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The Horrors Of Adulthood 9 The Game Of Life taught you about what it would be like being an adult, and that money rules everything else sadly. The Game Of Life

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Opposites Attract 10 Chutes and Ladders taught you that climbing ladders was actually fun, but sliding down chutes was painful and hard. Chutes And Ladders

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Sinking Boats Was Great 11 Battleship taught you how satisfying it was to sink your opponent's battleships. Unless your battleships was sunk first! Battleship

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Went To School For Something Else 12 Operation taught you why you did not go to school to be a surgeon. Did you think those weird parts were in your body? Operation

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Building Something That Didn’t Work 13 Mouse Trap taught you the ins and outs of building things, and how hard it was to get the contraception to work properly. Mouse Trap

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Strategy Can Be Satisfying 14 Connect 4 taught you a new way to play tic-tac-toe. It also taught you ways to take advantage of your opponent! Connect 4

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Bad Drawings Can Be Funny 15 Pictionary taught you how bad your drawings and artwork was to get the correct answer. But the drawings was funny too! Pictionary

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See, there were some life lessons you learned from playing classic board games. But with the wide variety of board games available today, anyone can learn some great lessons, and have some fun at the same time. Board games are here to stay!

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Schedule a time when you can play a current or classic board game with co-workers, family, or friends. You will be glad you did! In Closing

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