Eco–waste management

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Eco–waste management

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INTRODUCTION We are all aware of what problem, we are facing right now. And that is the continues destruction of our environment due to different kinds of pollution such as in air, water and lands. Effective waste management are great ways that can help us to eliminate waste and at the same time protect our environment.. When were looking for a solutions for proper waste disposal there are different things we can do, it really depends on what kind of waste were trying to dispose.

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STATEMENT OF PROBLEM GENERAL PROBLEM >This is to study the importance of Eco-waste management. SPECIFIC PROBLEM > To be aware of what is Eco- waste management. > What are the possible solution in order to minimize the problem regarding the improper waste disposal.

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RELATED LITERATURE The term “eco-waste” is usually intended to imply managing waste in an ecologically way, the concept of waste management involves the collection, removal, processing and disposal of materials considered as waste . Waste materials can be solid, liquid, gaseous or even hazardous and are generally generated through human activity. Waste management is vital to the healthy functioning society. Throughout the history sanitation issues have been to blame for diseases and outbreaks in most populated region of the worlds

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There are different ways we can minimize the problem regarding our waste. RECYCLING or REUSING materials that have been already used once, such as plastic bottles, papers, and even tin. COMPOSTING YOUR WASTE is another option for getting rid of your household waste. Basically anything that is organic can be composted and can be used for variety of things such as fertilizers for plants. REDUCE the first and the most effective component of waste hierarchy is reducing the waste we created. Here are some suggestions.

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> consumers are encouraged to reduced their waste by purchasing in bulk or buying item with less packaging. Buy durable products, instead of those disposable or cheaply made. Use plug in appliances rather than those batteries operated Buy beverages in returnable or recyclable containers . Learn more about recycling option in your community. Reduced toxic waste by purchasing paints, pesticides and other hazardous materials in only in the quantity needed. Protect the ozone layer by buying CFC- free aerosols, better yet choose non- aerosol products

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Laws or Bills > REPUBLIC ACT NOS. 9003 ( Ecological solid waste management act 2000) an act providing for an ecological solid waste management program, creating the necessary institutional mechanism and incentives, declaring certain acts prohibited and providing penalties. THE REPUBLIC ACT 9275 (PHILIPPINE CLEAN WATER ACT) aims to protect the countries water bodies from pollution from land based sources ( industries and commercial establishment, agriculture and house hold activities) it provide for comprehensive and integrated strategy to prevent and minimize pollution, through a multi-sector and participatory approach involving all. >THE REPUBLIC ACT 88749 (PHILIPPINE CLEAN AIR ACT) aims to achieved and maintained clean air that meet the national air quality guidelines values for criteria pollutants, throughout the Philippines ,while minimizing the possible

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