The Top 10 Principles ofInbound Marketing explained by Dwight Schrutte

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The Top 10 Principles of Inbound Marketing explained by Dwight Schrutte

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BUYER PERSONA In order to delight your customer you must first fully understand them

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UNIVERSAL STRATEGY Inbound Marketing can be used effectively for any company, for any product, and to any buyer persona.

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If you don’t believe you can beat Walmart on price, why do you choose to continue your race to the bottom? ADDING VALUE

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The goal is not just to get more customers, it’s to delight them and make advocates that promote your brand to the world. ADVOCATES

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Maybe you will find that trick that will out smart the Google search engines and instantly get you #1 SEO

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A / B TESTING 100% of customers will tell you what they prefer when asked.

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Disrupting me via ads, calls or emails destroys trust and makes you just seem creepy SPAM

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Be Genuine. Letting people know the real you through your content builds trust. TRUST

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Inbound leads are 61% less expensive than traditional outbound leads. COST

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Forget the puppies and babies. Enough with trying to be cute or sexy. Just be helpful. BE HELPFUL

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