Кристина Ваганова

Манипуляция в педагогическом общении

Views: 2462
Юлия Соколова

Виртуальная экскурсия по ГПНТБ России

Views: 1185
Василий Гермолаевич


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How Digital Kids Learn

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10 Tips for Learning Russian

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Development and Engagement in the Age of Social Media

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3 Easy Steps to Digitize Your Study Notes

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10 E-Learning Trends to Watch in 2016

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Pass That Exam! Test Prep Strategies & Resources

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Bring Your Textbook to Life! Ideas & Resources

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Groovy Grammar: Interesting Ways to Learn Grammar

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L&D Practices for Modern Workplace Learning

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What It Takes: The Montana State Story

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The Future of Education is Digital

Views: 1006

The Power of Digital Assessment

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Video Tools for Teachers - Digital Video

Views: 1315

The Future of Medical Education - Top Trends Likely to Have an Impact on the Industry

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Learning in the Digital Age - Theory and Practice

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Economic Benefits Of Postsecondary Education for Hispanics/Latinos

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7 Billion Universities

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Students, Computersand Learning:making the connection

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What Personalised Learning Could Look Like

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Why Drupal 8 Is a Game Changer for Higher Education

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5 Ways to Make Better Questioners

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From The Wild To The Classroom

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Organizing Research

Views: 979

Creating Bridges to the Digital Learner

Views: 888
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