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Research on the Go!

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“'It's against all principles of scientific reporting': Thousands of medical papers cite Wikipedia, study says.” Blackwell, T. (2014).

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Make it engaging & easy! Photo by Nana B Agyei,

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Make it engaging & easy! Technology is enabling our need to be mobile. We want to ensure that learning matches our lifestyle. - Tony Bingham Photo by Nana B Agyei,

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Use a stylus! Photo by MIKI Yoshihito (´・ω・),

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Teach the process

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Hear Planet iOS/Android App

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Zydeco iOS App

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Planning apps Super Idea Generator (iOS) Bounce (iOS/Android) Padlet (Any) Google Drive (Any) LinoIt (Any) HearPlanet (Any) iPlanFieldTrips (iOS/Android) Popplet (iOS) A Novel Idea (iOS) Grafio Lite (iOS)

Slide 11 iOS/Android App

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Grafio Liite iOS app

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Super Idea Generator iOS app!/id327725668?mt=8

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Google Docs

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Popplet iPad App

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Reference apps ReadCube (iOS/Android) Wikiwand (iOS/Android) Questria Research (iOS/Android)

Slide 19 iOS/Android App

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ReadCube iOS/Android App

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Notetaking apps Diigo (iOS/Android) Evernote (iOS/Android) Skitch (iOS/Android)

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Evernote iOS/Android App

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Diigo iOS/Android App

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Skitch iOS/Android App

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PenUltimate iOS App

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Social bookmarking & curation Diigo Pearltrees Pinterest Flipboard Scoop.It Educlipper Livebinders Photo by Hertsens.Stef,

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Livebinders iOS/Android App

Slide 28 & iPad App

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Use, Report, Evaluate

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Data Visualization Canva Tackk

Slide 32 iPad App

Slide 33 & iPad App

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Citing resources Photo by Meg Stewart,

Slide 35 iOS/Android App

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RefMe Citations iOS/Android App

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