10 Easy Study Tips

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Easy study tips to increase productivity 1 Plan before you start Before actually starting, take a few minutes and plan it out. This defines your target. Planned studying Unplanned studying = amount of studies Bonus: Make a simplified to-do list for the day. 2 Take short breaks Remember: Always make time to waste time. 90-minutes of studying 20-minute breaks Follow this cycle to increase productivity by sixteen percent. 16% With breaks Without breaks 3 Eat a big breakfast Productivity We tend to get hungry in the morning and breakfast keeps us energized and focused most the day. Amount of breakfast Get rid of distractions 4 Get off the internet and TV. Mute your phone and put all other distractions out of sight. Study for short bursts of time, and keep your focus consistent. 5 Take a nap A 20-minute to 1 hour nap between intense study sessions will rejuvenate your energy. Find your desired naptime. Performance = 100% Alertness 40-minute nap 34%

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