School Technology Planning

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School Technology Planning WELSTech 339

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The email that started it all Currently: 25 Desktops running XP Can’t support Win 7 or 8 Spread across 5 Classrooms Ideas: Laptop or Chromebook mobile cart 1-2 Desktops in each classroom Considerations: Mobile vs. Desktops Buy vs. Lease Funding Internet connectivity

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Goals The education world is being bombarded by the push to incorporate mobile devices into the classroom scene. It is very important to gather as much info as you can, take a deep breath, and do what you feel is going to benefit the students at YOUR school. Everyone loves the latest and greatest, but does it fit with how your school teaches and what your students are learning? – Adam Mateske

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Goals Why? Determine curriculum objectives and needed resources – Focus on the desired learning What should students be doing – ISTE Standards for Students What do you need? Google Apps for Education iPad Apps Training - Faculty adoption

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Access Internet Connection speed Wireless access – WELSTech 327 Printing Wireless Google Cloud Print

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Security & Acceptable Use Google Apps for Education allows quick and easy policy enforcement Firewall Virus Protection Student, Faculty and Staff Acceptable Use Policies

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Devices Laptops vs. Desktops vs. Chromebook vs. iPads Teaching staff may need more powerful devices iPads implementation benefits from Apple TVs in the classroom Charging carts Server Potential group buying through high school association, etc. Consider device continuity with association schools

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Financing Own vs. Lease – Leasing is more expensive Insurance – Most say it isn’t worth the cost Repairs Replace Chromebook screens yourself – YouTube Video Tutorial Fees vs. Student-owned Many are requiring students purchase their & waiving tech fees

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Support Chrome Devices for Education Planning Guide WELS Google Schools Apple Deployment Overview Technical Reference