20 Cool Tools for You and Your Library

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20 Cool Tools for You and Your Library NCompass Live June 4, 2014 Christa Burns, Nebraska Library Commission

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Online video creation Web-based, Android and iPhone apps Free or pay accounts – Free for Educators Upload your video clips/photos, choose a template, select music – licensed library of songs, add captions Download video to embed, share on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, etc.

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Online social bookmarking Tags Saved into your online account, so available to you anywhere you go Choose if bookmarks are Public or Private

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http://delicious.com/cjburns42/ neblib2013 SCRENSHOT OF MY DELICIOUS, AFTER I”VE SAVED ALL THE LINKS

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Online RSS feed aggregator Collects and organizes new posts from blogs, news sites and webpages Web-based, Android and iOS apps Share items to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

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Online animated video creation Customizable characters, backgrounds, props, and actions Import your library logo, pictures, screen captures Audio – text-to-speech or record your own narration Download video to embed, or share on YouTube and other social networks.

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Book-based social network User-populated database of books, annotations and reviews Generate library catalogs and reading lists Book discussion groups

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Online infographic creator Pre-made templates Add text, your own pictures, data from a spreadsheet Publish to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or embed on your website Coming soon – Video infographic creator!

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Save web content to read later Bookmarklet for browsers Android, iPhone, iPad, computer or Kindle

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User-created do-it-yourself projects Step-by-step instructions, photos, videos Commented and rated for quality Free Pro Membership for teachers Android and iOS apps

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Online collection of video tutorials Math, science, economics and finance, and humanities Step-by-step exercises Personal Learning Dashboard Performance data to track your progress

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Infographics creation tool Choose a theme, upload statistical data, use DIY editor to display Drag and drop functionality for colors, fonts, repositioning blocks of data Upload your own photos and logos Export as an image that you can use anywhere

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Online photo editing tools Fix, adjust, filter Express and Advanced Editor versions Pixlr-o-matic – vintage/retro look Download, Facebook app, Chrome app, Android and iOS

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Online reading service Turns webpages into clean, uncluttered view for easy reading Browser add-on, Android or iOS app Store articles on the web to read later on your computer, tablet, phone or Kindle

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Social news site Users post news stories, then vote on them, making stories appear higher or lower on the list - community decides what is interesting or relevant AMA: Ask Me Anything – Public Library Edition Subreddit for Libraries

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Online screen recorder Create a video of exactly what is happening on your screen Audio Embed into a webpage, upload to YouTube or other sites Export - Quicktime (MP4), Windows Media Player (AVI), or Flash (FLV)

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Word cloud generator Visualization of word frequency in a text or webpage Pick a shape to enclose the words Save as an image, JPEG or PNG Print out or share online

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Educationally focused instructional videos Designed for teachers, schools and home learners Free and open for all to use Rating system

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Web-based survey creation tool Online web form Single question or many Share via Twitter, Facebook, email or embed on your website You must have a Twitter account to create a poll, but responders don’t need one

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Infographic creator, same basic features as Infogr.am and Piktochart Gather info and stats from Facebook and Twitter to create personalized infographics Facebook Social Life, Twitter hashtag Download as an image or PDF, get a URL, or embed code to put on your website.

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Online animated GIF creator Use snapshots from your webcam or digital camera Combines into animation on the website Email, share, download, embed

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Online word processing program No software to download, install or maintain Documents can be shared, opened, edited online, multiple users Save into ZoHo – access anywhere Export - Word(.doc and .docx), Plain Text(.txt), Web Page(.html), or PDF(.pdf)

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BONUS TOOL! http://nlcblogs.nebraska.gov/nelearns/

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Questions??? Christa Burns Special Projects Librarian Nebraska Library Commission [email protected] 800-307-2665 https://delicious.com/nlc_reference/ ncompasslive,CoolTools