The need for a new habitus

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Slide 0 Teaching and Learning With social media The need for a new habitus

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More than a resource

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Any technology tends to create a new human environment... Technological environments are not merely passive containers of people but are active processes that reshape people and other technologies alike. M. Mcluhan, 1962

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New literacies/fluencies

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Digital literacies defines those who exhibit a critical understanding and capability for living, learning, and working in the digital society. JISC, 2013

Slide 8 Juliet Hinrichsen and Antony Coombs University of Greenwich

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Slide 10 (CC BY 2.0) Digital Natives?

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Digital Visitors or Digital Residents White & Le Cornu

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“Learners do not appear ‘to see beyond’ the immediately obvious functionality of the technology and there is little evidence of transfer” Clark et al, 2008, p.68

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“To possess the machines, [they] only need economic capital; to appropriate them and use them in accordance with their specific purpose [they] must have access to embodied cultural capital, either in person or by proxy” Pierre Bourdieu 1986

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The beginning of a new habitus (that needs to be nurtured; not ignored) How we do things around here historical continuum Dispositions

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Technology… disrupts the historical continuum change

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Digital Habitus ? specific set of values/practices Participation Agency

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Social Media is a Mindset!