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NET+ 3scale Webcast 3scale, Internet2

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2 Kristy Zhou NET+ Business Analyst Internet2 On today’s web meeting….

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3 Steven Willmott Chief Executive Officer 3scale On today’s web meeting….

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Internet2 Establishment Founded in 1996 by research universities to take self-responsibility for an advanced technology environment that would not otherwise exist, or exist as when and how the research and education (R&E) community needs it 4

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Internet2 Goals Realize the power of collaborative scale to create capabilities no single institution could produce on its own Create advanced technology capabilities to extend leading edge scholarship and research Enable new generation of applications and core supporting infrastructure and technologies Achieve durable measure of control over the community's operating environment Transfer technology and experience to drive innovation and advance the global internet 5

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Internet2 Community R&E member institutions, affiliates, agencies industry Rich and complex regional network community Global NREN community 6

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7 Internet2 Members and Partners 283+ Higher Education members 67+ Affiliate members 42 Regional & state R&E networks 86+ Industry members 76+ Int’l partners reaching 100+ Nations 93,000+ Community anchor institutions Focused on advanced technology needs of members since 1996 "The idea of being able to collaborate with anybody, anywhere, without constraint…" —Jim Bottum, CIO, Clemson University

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8 Internet2 100G Advanced Network 15,717 miles of newly acquired dark fiber 8.8 Tbps of optical capacity 2,400 miles partnered capacity with Zayo Communications in support of the Northern Tier region 100 Gbps of hybrid Layer 2 and Layer 3 capacity 17 Juniper MX960 routers supporting Layer 3 service 31 Brocade and Juniper switches supporting Layer 2 service 49 custom colocation facilities 250+ amplification racks 300+ Ciena ActiveFlex 6500 network elements

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Tailored Cloud service portfolios to: Enhance academic & research user mobility in the Cloud Accelerate trusted Cloud application deployment for the enterprise Ensure standards-based Cloud security, accessibility, reliability and performance with enterprise scalability What is Internet2 NET+ Cloud? 10 Enables trusted and responsive user mobility in the cloud, while delivering efficiencies to the enterprise.

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Peer-owned, governed and directed Cloud application portfolio Strategic Cloud provider partnerships who invest in the R&E community’s needs Cloud services specially-tuned with federated access and network delivery Standard business agreements, simplified terms and pricing models vetted by 250 CIOs, general counsel and procurement officers How? Peer Driven Service Validation & Provider Partnerships! 11

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12 Growing Ecosystem of Cloud Services & Providers

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13 Why Internet2 NET+ Cloud? Over $200,000,000 In estimated operating benefit for Research and Education across institutions adopting NET+ services to date 3,500+ Research and Education Institutions across the US that can utilize most NET+ cloud services 300+ Member institutions participating in building business models, ensuring federated access, security, accessibility, performance & delivery 50 Services proposed for validation by Internet2 member campuses for inclusion in generally available Internet2 NET+ portfolio 8 Average number of campuses collaborating on a service validation effort before it is generally available

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14 Two Topics Powering Education with APIs The emerging API Economy APIs in Higher Education Identifying opportunities 3scale API Management: API Technical Operations API Engagement and Developer Management

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15 Who we are Leading API Management Provider 600+ Live Customers including many leading brands Flexible, scalable, open source-based solution Self Service for fast time to value Very cost-effective solution Run events like APIStrat, involved in standards

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16 Mission Believe in the Transformative power of APIs Aim to enable organizations world wide to operate and benefit from APIs Education and Science are close to our hearts Partnering with Internet2 is a great potential partner for us

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17 The API Economy Systems World API API API New Value Through APIS Distribution channels, product support, IoT, agility Underpinning the new digital economy Adpotion Mobile: 54% ecommerce sales (Forrester) B2B: 2016 50% of B2B collab. via APIs (Gartner) IoT: $7.1 Trillion by 2020 (IDC)

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18 What do people do in the API Economy? Mobile Support Customer Ecosystem Partner Ecosystem Content/ Transaction channel API as a Business Internal Agility

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19 APIs in Higher Education Staff, Institution & Student Information Access Infrastructure for Partner & Vendor Integration Internal Agility Scientific Resource and Data Sharing 50+ Institutions with APIs (Source: Kin Lane) Institution, Student and 3rd Party

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20 Drill Down: Institutional Information Access API Use Case Focus Data: Terms, Schools, Courses, Instructors, Buildings, Rooms, Calendars Write once, publish anywhere, powering Apps, powering information portals Extend to transactions: bookings, class signup, calendar updates Value Consolidation of information New Interfaces to access Innovation Great Examples University of Washington Bingham Young University California Berkley Going further Class signups Grades Assignment submissions Staff Information Systems

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21 Drill Down: Scientific Data Access API Use Case Focus Library collections: catalogue search, ordering copies, locating items Scientific Data collections: Genome Databases, complex data models Functional Infrastructure: operationalized scientific models Value Scientific Mission – spreading knowledge Enabling experimentation Valuable dissemination (potential monetization) of IPR Great Examples Harvard DASH EBML-EBI Lawrence Berkley Labs (Buildings API, EnergyIQ) Going further Database/Service of Reference Read/Write API Efforts

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22 Drill Down: Student Data Access API Use Case Focus Access to the APIs in previous cases by student body Highly valuable: technically literate student body, frontiers of web technology, fill in gaps in University offerings Hackathon events build knowledge and community Bring in external APIs Value Educational Mission Reduce scraping and hacking Fulfill new needs Great Examples University California Berkley Warwick Students Union API Going further Class signups Grades Assignment submissions

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23 3scale Infrastructure Leading API Management Provider Take Control of your APIs Technical operations to control traffic Business operations to manage access for your user base(s) Single solution providing global distributed control Access Control & Security API Keys & Credentials Policies & Rate Limits Traffic Monitoring Alerts & Notifications Developer Management API Signup Analytics & Reporting API Portal Swagger Active Documentation API Billing & Payments One Integrated Solution

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24 3scale Infrastructure Key Problems Solved Create a uniform layer for securing all API access and provision differently for different audiences Provide excellent automated developer documentation for any audience Track traffic usage across all APIs through analytics and alerts, quickly exclude undesirable traffic

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25 Evaluating Opportunities What we offer Best in class infrastructure Excellent experience in the API Economy and Education domain Expert guidance on opportunities and strategic plans Useful content from Design to Operations best practice General Information [email protected], [email protected] Speaker Steven Willmott @njyx on twitter [email protected] We’d love to connect with potential Trial Schools and engage in pilots or other deployments

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26 Forthcoming eBook & Conference “The API Owner’s Manual: Best Practices of Successful API Teams” Manfred Borthenschlaeger, Steven Willmott API Strategy & Practice Conference Austin Texas, 19-21st November

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27 Q&A + Resources NET+ Cloud Services: 3scale Main Website: API Economy eBook: The API Owner’s Manual: APIs.JSON: APIs.IO: APITools: APIS in Education: