ISTE 2015: The Very Best Twitter Quotes on June 29th

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The Very Best Twitter QUOTES From ISTE 2015 June 29, 2015 Imagine Easy Solutions // Booth #2464 // #IESatISTE

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Today at ISTE there were over 10,000 people in attendance.

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That’s a lot of information being spread around. Luckily, we’ve collected the best tweets of the day for you. But first...

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Hi! My name is Emily Gover Community Manager at @ImagineEasy, the creators of @EasyBib. Part-time public librarian. Fulltime nerd. #edtech is my jam.

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Stop by Booth #2464 and say hi to the team at Imagine Easy! ● Snap a photo with your friends and tweet #IESatISTE! ● Check out a demo and enter to win an Amazon Kindle! ● Get tons of swag like a tote bag, #PLN buttons and more!

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Here are the top 12 quotes and nuggets of wisdom that I managed to collect from the conference. Enjoy!

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“ When I talk to students, I don't ask them what they want to be when they grow up, I ask them what problem do they want to solve! Jaime Casap @jcasap ” Retweet This Quote

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“ The best 1-to-1 device in the classroom is a great teacher. It’s the teacher, not the technology that makes the difference. Ian Jukes @ijukes ” Retweet This Quote

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“ We have all this information, and our students don't know how to question the validity of the sources. via @NLearning Mindy Johnson @min_d_j ” Retweet This Quote

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“ Strong teacher student relationships shape the way children think and act in school. Dan McCabe @danieldmccabe ” Retweet This Quote

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“ You can't incentivize grit and creativity...but you can create environments where they thrive. Amy T. @atteacher2 ” Retweet This Quote

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“ It's not what tool you use, it's how and why you are using it. Be intentional, specific, and divergent. Michael Medvinsky @mwmedvinsky ” Retweet This Quote

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“ If I don't know how to do something, there's probably someone in the building that does, so all I have to do is ask. Jessica McMahon @JK_McMahon ” Retweet This Quote

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“ Creating experiences that build autonomy, competence and relevance key to building grit in students. Karen @CAOKarenKY ” Retweet This Quote

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“ Tasks before apps: think about the learning you want to accomplish before looking for a tool to get there. Kate Salmon @CSCKate ” Retweet This Quote

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“ Kids shouldn't think, "When I graduate, I can change the world." They have potential now, if we help them harness it. Holly B. Steele @hollybsteele ” Retweet This Quote

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“ We need to start showing students that they can create no matter what age they are. Jesse Buchholz @soulfirestudio ” Retweet This Quote

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“ The goal is learning! It doesn't matter how you get there or what you use. Do whatever you can to meet the goal of LEARNING! Eva Harvell @techie_teach ” Retweet This Quote

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