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Chrystie Hill Phil Klein

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TED Conferences (TED, TEDActive, TEDGlobal) TEDx Events, Salons, Youth events TEDLive, TEDxLive Viewing Events TED Ed, TED Books, StoryCorps TED Translations for language learning

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Dream together

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What can TED talks, programs, and TEDx events do for you?

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What is your vision of community and the greatest potential for events?

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TEDx events in Texas, University, Youth, all ages

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TEDx events in Texas

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TEDx events in Texas

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v TEDx Live video events

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TED Ed TED-Ed is a free educational website for teachers and learners. We are a global and interdisciplinary initiative with a commitment to creating lessons worth sharing. Our approach to education is an extension of TED’s mission of spreading great ideas. More information at .

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TED-Ed Clubs aims to introduce a school-friendly framework that supports students in meeting regularly to discuss, pursue and present their big ideas in the form of short TED-style Talks. We celebrate exceptional student ideas by potentially featuring them at the annual TEDYouth conference or TEDxYouth events.

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TEDx Library events

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TEDx Library events

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TEDx Library events in Texas

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Library at TEDx events

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Take StoryCorps global David Isay’s TED Prize

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Libraries Organize and spread ideas and knowledge Connect communities Are conveners Hold events

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TEDx Events Convene a gathering Show videos Present live Talks Social interaction and activities Community building

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= Volunteers on team TEDx Events at a Library X=independently-organized TED event Teams

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= Team = Volunteers on team = hired TEDxSnoIsleLibraries X=independently-organized TED event Venue logistics (Debie) Venue management Team Leads Executive Group

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TEDx Event Teams (larger scale) X=independently-organized TED event

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What if… The library is a home for shared insights and insightful sharing Librarians are curators of ideas Libraries are community knowledge sharing centers We liberate ideas from isolation

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What new and important ideas are in your community? What role will you play in encouraging insights to be shared? What potential do local idea sharing events hold for you and your library?

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TED Talks, TEDx Events at Libraries Hold Informal viewing parties Share TED talks ( ) Start a TED Ed Clubs at libraries or schools (see Start at TED book club Hold StoryCorps (download the mobile app) Partner with local TEDx events ( TEDx Library events (apply for a free license TEDLive viewing parties (apply for a free license

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from Collections to Connections TED talks and the Library

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Chrystie Hill Phil Klein

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TEDxColumbus 2009

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TEDxRainier 2011

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Thank you! Chrystie Phil [email protected] [email protected]

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Appendix TEDx organizer resources are online at A global community of organizers is eager to support also.

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To Manage a TEDx Event

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To Manage a TEDx Event

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To Manage a TEDx Event

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To Manage a TEDx Event

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