Sharing & Collaborative Culture in Education

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Except where otherwise noted these materials are licensed Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC BY) Sharing & Collaborative Culture in Education Iowa Statewide Teaching and Learning Conference Paul Stacey Associate Director of Global Learning Creative Commons 9-Apr-2015

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Education is about sharing. a present for you... by Alessandro CC BY

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My personal experience as it relates to conference theme: “Creating a Collaborative Culture to Enhance Student Learning”

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1981-83 Teacher – 1982-1984

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Up & Running Systems – 1985 - 1990

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National Air Traffic Controller Training – 1991 - 92

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International Air Traffic Control Systems – 1993 - 99

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Enjoying Wine - 1995 Wine glasses by slack12 CC BY-NC-ND

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Technical University of BC – 1999 - 2003

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BCcampus - 2003 - 2012 80% collaborations and partnerships between multiple BC post-secondary institutions. 45 external partners involved in the 131 development projects. External partners include: national and international universities professional associations K-12 school districts and school boards e-learning companies Foundations First Nations tribal councils health authority’s literacy groups

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11 5Rs: The Powerful Rights of OER How can we use this additional potential in teaching and learning? How can we extend, revise, and remix our pedagogy based on these additional capabilities?

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Remote Web-based Science Labs 12 Lab Equipment Internet RWSL Observation Data Manipulation Students Commun-ication Data Acquisition & Analysis Video/Audio Observation Physical Manipulation Mumble Skype Elluminate Social – groups of 4

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Observation 13 Pan Tilt Zoom Camera Video Streamer Video Mixer

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Physical Manipulation Robotic Arm Linear Slides Rotary Tables Slide Loader

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Data Acquisition & Analysis 15 Raw data Visualized Data LabVIEW Software

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Consortia Partners

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Professional Learning – 2003 - 2012 2002-2007

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Professional Learning – 2003 - 2012 2002-2007

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Adult Learning & Global Change - 2004 Masters graduate degree – enrolled at age of 50 100% online – no residency requirement Cohort based

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Social News Politics Personal Work Culture School start dates, tuition, marking schemes, …

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Social Pedagogy Learning buddy Online groups Online discussions Team assignments Peer review Online Collaborative Learning group discussions, seminars, debates, teamwork wikis, blogs, videos, communities of practice, synchronous web conferencing, personal learning networks

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Adult Learning & Global Change Institute 2006 Canada 2008 Sweden 2010 Australia

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Dare2BDigital – 2008

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Growth of Collaboration & Sharing Culture – 2003-12

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Growth of Commons 26

Slide 26 Creative Commons – 2012

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Global Commons Growth 28

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Open Book Project

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Open Policy Network 32

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“To ensure that the Federal investment of these funds has as broad an impact as possible and to encourage innovation in the development of new learning materials, as a condition of the receipt of a TAACCCT grant, the grantee will be required to license to the public all work created with the support of the grant under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC BY) license.”

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With $2 billion over 4 years, TAACCCT is the largest OER* initiative in the world. *thanks to CC BY license requirement

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Labour market demand - high growth industry sectors Employers & Industry Design & delivery of employer sponsored work-based training models Community Colleges (Consortia – in state & interstate) 1. Evidence Based Design use evidence to design program strategies base program design on a level of evidence use data for continuous improvement of programs 2. Stacked & Latticed Credentials post-secondary credentials that have labor market value certificates, certifications, diplomas, and degrees competency-based educational programs 3. Transferability & Articulation career pathways that transfer and articulate within and across state lines & within consortia bridge from non-credit to credit build on previously funded courses & credentials 4. Online & Tech-Enabled Learning hybrid and blended learning strategies open enrollment, modularize content, accelerate course delivery, interactive simulations, gaming, digital tutors, synchronous & asynchronous, … OER & UDL 5. Strategic Alignment outreach to community - employers and industry, public workforce system, non-profit organizations, philanthropies … leverage supports & do not duplicate existing programs Six Core Elements Local workforce investment board Public Workforce System Job centers, adult education agencies, career and technical education agencies Partnerships 6. Align with Previously-Funded TAACCCT Projects

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High Growth Industry Sectors TAACCCT program creates OER in vocational industry sectors

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Growing Impact of Collaborative Culture on Curricula 39 21 OER-based “Z courses” that make up the zero textbook cost “Z-Degree” an associate of science degree program in business administration. Open textbooks for the 40 highest enrolled courses across post secondary

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Z-Degree 41 21 OER-based “Z courses” that make up the zero textbook cost “Z-Degree” an associate of science degree program in business administration.

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K-12 OER Collaborative 42 Proposals to create full-course, high-quality OER supporting K–12 mathematics and English language arts/literacy, aligned with state learning standards.

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Collaborative Culture Impact on Teaching & Learning 43

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Improve Course Materials 44

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Add to Global Knowledge Commons 45

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Design Course Assignments 46

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48 Institute for Open Leadership by Cable Green CC BY

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Collaborative Culture Business Models Building an open source business by Libby Levi CC BY-SA

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The Road Ahead

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