Digital Marketing 101 for Charter Schools

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Digital Marketing 101 for Charter Schools 2015 CALIFORNIA CHARTHER SCHOOLS CONFERENCE March 17, 2015 1

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INTRODUCTIONS Kim Brater VP Marketing Charter School Capital Scott Kaufmann Partner Lucid Agency Michael Barber Founder barber&hewitt

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Digital marketing overview Digital Marketing 101 for Charter Schools

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Communicating with the appropriate target audiences online in a meaningful way. A digital marketing strategy can help your charter school overcome obstacles such as fundraising, enrollment, and gaining necessary support from the community. 2015 CCSA | 4 What is digital marketing?

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Use your school’s purpose to create a powerful marketing message. 2015 CCSA | 5 Define your brand. What makes your school unique? What is the essence of who you are? Once defined, how will you deliver on your brand promise? What are you trying to accomplish? What is a reasonable goal for your charter school? Increasing enrollment, awareness in the community, new facilities, etc. deliver. Communicate strategically. What channels will you use to connect with your audience? What is most effective and efficient for your budget and goals? How will you measure results? Your vision, advertised online

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Digital marketing Tactics Digital Marketing 101 for Charter Schools

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What tactics will help you reach your end goal? 2015 CCSA | 7 Overarching Objective Search Engine Optimization Pay Per Click Advertising Display Advertising Retargeting Advertising 5. Video Marketing 6. Social Media 7. Email Marketing Commonly used tactics: Digital marketing tactics

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“Organic” listings are free and based on relevance to the search term. Goal: produce the best user experience. Best user experience: Easy navigation Fast load time Relative content Create a strategy to help your website reach the first page of search engines (organic listings). 2015 CCSA | 8 1. Search engine optimization (S.E.O.)

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2015 CCSA | 9 1. S.E.O. | Example

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2015 CCSA | 10 1. S.E.O. | Example

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2015 CCSA | 11 Five S.E.O. tips for your SCHOOL

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2015 CCSA | 12 Five S.E.O. tips for your SCHOOL

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2015 CCSA | 13 Five S.E.O. tips for your SCHOOL

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2015 CCSA | 14 Five S.E.O. tips for your SCHOOL

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2015 CCSA | 15 Five S.E.O. tips for your SCHOOL

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Best for giving a website maximum visibility to those who are searching for your school on search engines. Advertisers bid in on search terms (keywords) users are likely to use to find their school. Keyword examples: “science charter school” “Phoenix charter schools” Paid listings use a “Pay-Per-Click” (PPC) system where the advertiser pays for each click on the their ad. 2015 CCSA | 11 2. Pay-per-click (p.p.c.)

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PAID PAID ORGANIC 2015 CCSA | 17 2. Pay-per-click (p.p.c.) EXAMPLE

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Use visually engaging display ads to increase brand awareness and target potential customers. Display ads appear next to content on various websites in text, image, or video format. Best for increasing brand awareness. Display campaigns can be set up to target audiences in a variety of ways: specific websites time of day geography etc. 2015 CCSA | 18 3. Display advertising Enroll Today! Learn More

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Use image advertisements to target users who have previously visited your website. Retargeting leverages the user’s familiarity with your brand to encourage them to complete a conversion. Most users do not convert on the first interaction with your brand. Keep your brand top of mind when they are ready to enroll, donate, etc. 2015 CCSA | 19 4. Retargeted advertising

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2015 CCSA | 20 4. Retargeting | example

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2015 CCSA | 21 4. Retargeting | example

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2015 CCSA | 22 4. Retargeting | example

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Help your school stand by connecting with your audience and creating videos worth sharing. Create a YouTube channel where all of your videos will reside for your audience to view. Share your videos through social media or blog posts. Bring your brand to life by creating captivating videos your audience can share. 2015 CCSA | 23 5. Video marketing

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Best for interacting with your audience personally (in real-time) based on specific targeting criteria. 2015 CCSA | 24 6. social media Twitter Example: @ICANSCHOOL Connect with your audience instantly, visually and on an individual basis. Display and retargeting advertising available through these platforms. Target your audience based on location, industry, job title, etc.

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Best for keeping your brand top of mind of an interested audience who opt-in for your updates. 2015 CCSA | 25 7. Email Marketing Create personalized messages and newsletters for your leads, customers, and target audience. Email marketing is cost effective and easy to implement. Email is easy for users to share and advertisers to track.

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Your digital marketing plan Digital Marketing 101 for Charter Schools

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Key components Identify and determine the elements of your marketing plan. Objective Budget Strategy Tactics Measurement

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What is your overarching objective? What are your goals for your school? How long will it take to be effective? 2015 CCSA | 28 Create your marketing plan

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Plan Your budget How much are you willing to spend to achieve your goal? Segment your marketing budget on tactics that will help you achieve your school’s specific goals. 2015 CCSA | 29

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Review and Improve How often will you review your results? Determine which metrics are valuable to your school. Total Traffic Click Through Rate Likes on Facebook Make changes only when results are conclusive and statistically significant. Utilize tools that help you track your chosen metrics and measure progress. 2015 CCSA | 30

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It’s your turn. Create a digital marketing outline for your organization. Determine your overarching goal: Choose tactics that will accomplish that goal:. 2015 CCSA | 31 Track your progress with quantifiable metrics:

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Objectives: Strategies: Tactics: Metrics: 1. Increase Enrollment 2. Outrank Competitors in Google and Bing 3. Engage Parents Budget: Example digital marketing plan $500 per month 1. SEM Marketing 2. Create a blog optimized with relevant keywords 3. Add Parents on Facebook

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Resources Digital Marketing 101 for Charter Schools

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Digital marketing resources Organic Search & Search Engine Optimization: **Google Analytics IQ Certification Moz (SEO Software) The Beginners Guide to SEO Paid Search (PPC), Display, & Retargeting: **Google Adwords Certification The Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up An Adwords Account The Beginner’s Guide to Adwords Display Advertising Tips for Creating Effective Display Ads Create Your First Remarketing Campaign 5 Tips to Maximize Your Retargeting Campaign Email and Social Media: Mail Chimp Hootsuite Hootsuite Resource Library How To Set Up Facebook, Twitter, and Every Other Social Media Profile General: 2015 CCSA | 34

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Kim Brater VP Marketing Charter School Capital [email protected] Scott Kaufmann Partner Lucid Agency [email protected] Michael Barber Founder barber&hewitt [email protected] Thank you Digital Marketing 101 for Charter Schools 2015 CCSA |30