Engaging Every Learner Every Time

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Engaging Every Learner Every Time By Dr. Charlotte McCorquodale, PhD Ministry Training Source http://goo.gl/rqLaE6

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What is learning?

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Is all learning the same? What has been your best or worst learning experience? Why?

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“All things are possible when you align purpose, strength, and consistent action.” Resources from: http://4mat4business.com/index.php

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How do we engage every learner, every time?

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Watcher (feeler)

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Doer (feeler)

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I am a 1-2-3-4

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I am a 1-2-3-4

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I am a 1-2-3-4

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I am a 1-2-3-4

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feel watch think do

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feel watch think do 1 4 3 2

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I am a 1-2-3-4

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Robert Gagne

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Taking 4MAT Online Assessment http://aboutlearning.com/assessments/learning-assessments-online

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Our Learners

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imaginative learners Type 1a McCarthy

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Type c McCarthy

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focus personal meaning focus on people and culture focus on listening and sharing favorite question: why? as learners…

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focus on individual growth focus on enhancing self-awareness focus on dialogue, group work and feelings as trainers/teachers…

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What? analytic learners McCarthy

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Type 2c organized delivery expert thinking data McCarthy

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focus on knowledge focus on expert thinking focus on details and facts favorite question: what? as learners…

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focus on transmitting knowledge focus on accuracy and understanding focus on facts, details and structure as trainers/teachers…

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How? common sense learners McCarthy

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focus on practical application focus on solving problems focus real-world skills favorite question: how? as learners…

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focus on productivity and competence focus on improving skill focus on hands on activity and technical skills as trainers/teachers…

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If? dynamic learners McCarthy

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Type 4c McCarthy

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focus on self-discovery focus on change and innovation focus on possibilities favorite question: if? as learners…

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focus on learner self-discovery focus on improving the larger system focus on a variety of training methods to energize and stimulate as trainers/teachers… © All rights reserved. No duplication or revision allowed.

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John, Anita Grace, Sam What is your learning style?

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Right Brain Sees big picture Seeks/sees patterns Creates metaphors Is simultaneous

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Left Brain Analysis Classifies, names things Generates theory Number sequence Sequential

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Words you have heard. Sentences you have heard. Images you have seen.

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Words – 90% Sentences – 88% Images – 98% (Shephard, 1967)

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Hemispheric Mode Indicator

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But wait, it is not just a learning style theory…. It is a learn cycle theory as well!

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Why? What? How? If? Engage Share Skill Perform

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The Four Questions (That Drive the Learning Process) Jeannie O’Neil Blackwell 4MAT for Business

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I am a 1-2-3-4 why? if? what? how? Engage Share Practice Perform

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Engage Share Practice Perform

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Engage Share Practice Perform

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“You didn’t have a blank slate when you walked into kindergarten twenty, thirty, or forty years ago, one hand gripping your mother’s and the other clutching your favorite “My Pretty Pony” or your stretched-out “Slinky” or your bag of cat’s-eye marbles. You might not have known the names of all the colors – turquoise? chartreuse? magenta? – but you had already experienced them, and that knowledge was pulsing in your brain, just waiting for someone to name them and call them into your conscious world. You didn’t have a blank slate when it came to abstractions, either – you had already figured out that sometimes you got what you wanted by waiting rather than by throwing a tantrum, even if you didn’t know that this state of suspension between agony and hope was called patience. You don’t have a blank slate now when it comes to the concepts most foreign to you, even if you’re a social worker taking a class in computer encryption or an architect trying to work your way through James Joyce’s Ulysses.” - Dr. James Zull The Art of Changing the Brain

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Why? Right (Connect) Left (Attend) Step One: Engage (Value)

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“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” ~ Albert Einstein

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Engage Share Practice Perform

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What? Right (Image) Left (Inform) Step Two: Share (Knowledge)

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Engage Share Practice Perform

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How? Right (Extend) Left (Practice) Step Three: Practice (Skill)

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Engage Share Practice Perform

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If? Right (Refine) Left (Perform) Step Four: Perform (Performance)

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Engage Share Practice Perform

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Engage=Value What will the learners appreciate and/or value? Share=Knowledge What will the learners need to know in order to apply the information? Practice=Skill How will the learners practice and apply the information in the real-world? Perform= Performance What will the learners commit to?

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Resources to Learn More About 4MAT The Four Questions by Jeannie O’Neil Blackwell The Steps of the Learning Cycle by Jeannie O’Neil Blackwell Three Things Every Trainer Needs to Know About the Learning Styles by Jeannie O’Neil Blackwell Free Training Style Assessment: www.4mat4business.com/gift

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References/Resources http://aboutlearning.com/ http://4mat4business.com/index.php YouTube Videos for 4MAT 4BUSINESS