The Future of Public Libraries

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The Future of Public Libraries Jane Cowell @janecowell8 [email protected]

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Top 5 global trends Growing wealth inequality Persistent jobless growth Lack of leadership Rising geostrategic competition The weakening of representative democracy

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Move away from: Being busy to drive activity Move to: Intentional activity with partners that makes a difference based on evidence

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Key Drivers Australia is 83% connected Mobile Technology, Mobile ID, Mobile payment Flexibility for the individual More Integration, collaboration & connection is possible

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Our customers Well connected Empowered Ready to learn Want to share Want to create

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The current state of play…

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An unsophisticated forecaster uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts - for support rather than for illumination. Andrew Lang

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TARDIS: It’s the experience not the content

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Soooooooo hard Library Customer Experience

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Our customers have changed Find information instantly Busy but check things out They will walk away – especially from traditional institutions Want us to listen to them Will switch allegiances Rely on 3rd party reviews and ratings

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Orientate Outward Vision – encompass a higher purpose Values – include our community Make bold claims and act on them Make it easy for outside partners to work with you

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Get started Hold community conversations and listen Delve deeper into the evidence Seek outside partners to work with you on the solution

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Community gets to have input Reposition your work practices Remove those processes that are a barrier Collaborate with the community Allow the community in – with intent

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Every child a reader Early literacy space – claim it, own it Intentionally improve parental skills Build own professional skills Do this in partnership Stake a bold claim

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Wider research findings Make the public part of what we do Become central to community well-being Beyond digitisation – creative re-use Develop funding for strategic initiatives Innovation Study: Challenges and Opportunities for Australia’s Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums. CSIRO September 2014

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Contact e: [email protected] p: 3840 7803

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Fundamental disruption Move from Curation, information providers Move to Enabling for creation, learning and innovation With Collaborative & personalized approach

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#noexcuses Trust our customer – let them join Personalized loan periods Never turn a child away Find ways to let community choose Be intentional Get out of the library

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The past is always tense the future perfect Zadie Smith Be Bold Be Mobile Collaborate to create Porous seams Focus Outward