The First Five Minutes of Your Next Faculty Meeting

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The First Five Minutes of Your Next Faculty Meeting Make sure your principal sees this…

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Principals, put down the checklist of reminders. This is how you need to start your next faculty meeting…

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You have some awesome teachers in your building, so start the meeting by sharing something great you saw one of them doing in class.

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Hopefully, you have a vision for your school, so connect what you saw that awesome teacher doing to the overarching vision.

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Now you have a personal anecdote that connects to the larger context of your school’s vision and gives it a tangible presence.

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Use the next few slides to facilitate your next faculty meeting… Less work for you, right?

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Something awesome I saw today in our school… The Anecdote (Remove me before you present to faculty)

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Here’s what made that so effective… The Connection (Remove me, too)

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And here’s how that connects to our mission as educators… The Sticking Point (You know what to do)

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Faculty meetings should be about focusing attention, highlighting successes, and professional growth. Wasn’t that more effective than telling people to make sure their wasn’t any gum stuck to the bottom of desks?

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