The Power of Digital Assessment

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The POWER of DIGITAL Assessment

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JAY ASHCROFT @LearnMakerJay #learnmaker

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Technology has EVOLVED

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Evolution 2000 2015

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Assessment HAS NOT

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Evolution 2000 2015

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POOR USE of tech is resulting in no IMPACT for schools

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School culture High workload Stressed staff Disengaged learners

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Problem lies with TOO MUCH focus on NEW CONTENT

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Instead of a focus on TRANSFORMING the process of LEARNING

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Jay Ashcroft [email protected] PRE-TECHNOLOGY

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POST-TECHNOLOGY Jay Ashcroft [email protected]

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Jay Ashcroft [email protected] PRE-TECHNOLOGY

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POST-TECHNOLOGY Jay Ashcroft [email protected]

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WHY are we not doing the same in EDUCATION

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DIGITISING Assessment is within any school’s reach

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Requirements Device WiFi Internet

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1 Teacher captures and uploads work

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2 Comments and interacts with student

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3 Finalised feedback and guidance

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BROADGREEN SCHOOL Jay Ashcroft [email protected]

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Project length 1 day per week for 10 weeks

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Paper assessment 336 Hours (14 days)

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Digitised assessment 48 Hours (2 days)

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Average interactions Paper based: 3

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Average interactions Digital based: 9

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This produced a interesting IMPACT ON LEARNING

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98% increase in independent learning

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38% increase in maths relating to real life

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Enjoyment of maths before after 64% 88%

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“It helped me improve as I could check my work on the bus home.”

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Full project details:

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TRIAL digital assessment in YOUR SCHOOL

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Steps Email me Enlist 1 teacher Be amazed

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[email protected]

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LEARNMAKER transforming learning with technology Jay Ashcroft

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