From Design Thinking to Design Doing

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from Design Thinking to Design Driven Suzanne Pellican @Pellican #IntuitDesign #DesignForDelight

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Intuit is… Customer Focused Design Driven Technology Company

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Our Mission We exist to improve customers’ financial lives so profoundly, they can’t imagine going back to the old way.

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Two Core Capabilities Customer-driven Innovation find an important problem that we and those we enable can solve well with durable advantage Design for Delight

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It’s 9 years in the making… How did we get here?

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Act 1 1983 - 2007

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20 years of market dominance Customer centric EASY and SIMPLE

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By building like this Requirements Design Build User Experience

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Designing for Correct Six Sigma Risk Aversion Continuous Improvement

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What gets you here, won’t get you there.

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Act 2 2007 – 2013 Creating a culture of innovation

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Evoking positive emotion by going beyond customer expectations in ease and benefit throughout their customer journey people buy more and tell others about their experience

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“ The big national stores can buy and sell thousands of designs. I have to buy just a few of many different designs, and it costs more. – Julie, Owner, Paper Caper Deep Customer Empathy Know your customer better than they know themselves.

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Go Broad to Go Narrow To get to one good idea, you must create lots of ideas. Choose what’s most delightful, not was easiest… or cheapest…

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Rapid Experiments with Customers Watch what they do more than listen to what they say

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That goes for culture too.

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Ceo offsite

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All of this in the context of massive shifts.

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The shifts Desktop Cloud US Global Units Subs Product Platform

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Too many ideas Method madness Poor execution

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Act 3 2013 – today Executing on innovation

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Focus the business Design at the table Design leads brand Full stack systems

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Harmony Design-driven re-imagination of QB in the cloud 2013

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Ignite Galvanize an entire organization around a bold vision 2013

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“We are a design-driven company” - Brad Smith Leadership commitment Design becomes the new norm 2014

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The QuickBooks brand Design-driven approach to bringing our brand to life 2015

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Redefining Research Vision and strategy from durable set of insights 2015

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One Intuit design system Beautiful and Believable Seams

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Commit to design excellence Nailing the customer benefits

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How we build today Insights Design Build User Experience Requirements

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With the privilege & recognition of DESIGN, comes the responsibility

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Thank you! @pellican #IntuitDesign #DesignForDelight

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