How to Make Your Resume Sound Human

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How to Make Your Resume Sound Human

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The Resume Problem Most of us have been taught to write a resume in a horrible style we call Corporate Zombie Speak. Who talks like that? “Results-oriented professional with a bottom-line orientation.” What does it mean? We all sound like robots when we describe ourselves that way.

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You are way cooler than that!

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Everything about you is unique: No one else has your story - or ever will No one has the exact mix of talents you have No one else has your personality You are one of a kind!

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Why not show more of your human side in your resume?

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It isn’t hard to make your resume sound human Start by telling your story to someone, or writing it down. You’ll incorporate your life and career story into your Human-Voiced Resume™!

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Go through your resume with a red pen and get rid of all the Corporate Zombie Speak language: Results-oriented professional Motivated self-starter Works well with all levels of staff Meets or exceeds expectations Skilled at managing cross-functional teams Seasoned Business Professional These are a few examples. There are lots more!

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What will you put into your resume in place of the zombie words you took out? Take a look at Jane Banks’ BEFORE and AFTER resumes on the next two pages. Jane’s BEFORE resume makes her sound like any battle drone. The language puts a reader to sleep. None of Jane’s sparkling personality comes through! Jane’s AFTER resume is a Human-Voiced Resume™. Notice how Jane seems to be a real person now! Jane comes alive on the page. You can write your own Human-Voiced Resume™ that lets a person reading your resume – your hiring manager, that is – know you’re human (and a smart, funny and awesome human, at that)!

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JANE ELIZABETH BANKS 17 Cherry Tree Lane London, CO 80203 (123) 234-3456 [email protected]   SKILL SETS   Results-oriented, self-motivated professional with strong skill sets in communication, relationship development, negotiations, customer service, operations, purchasing and marketing. Well versed and proficient in writing, communication, vendor selection, administration, policy development and implementation. WORK SUMMARY MID-MARKET MANAGER, Chimney Sweep Industries, Los Angeles, CA February 2011 – Current   · Develop and maintain relationships with store operators to create and implement appropriate marketing plans · Collaborate with area-wide Operations staff to ensure proper training of   Here is the top section of Jane’s BEFORE Resume. It’s very traditional!

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Let’s bring more of Jane across in her new Human-Voiced Resume™!

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Here is the top section of Jane’s Human-Voiced Resume™ Jane Elizabeth Banks   London, Colorado (123) 234-3456 [email protected]   Operations Manager I’ve been managing back-end operations for retail chains since I graduated from college in 2000. I thrive in chaotic environments where a combination of smart, nimble processes and a human touch keep the wheels turning and keep store staff and customers happy. I’m passionate about helping businesses grow and helping my colleagues succeed on the job.   Experience    MID-MARKET MANAGER, Chimney Sweep Industries, Los Angeles, California February 2011 – Current    Chimney Sweep is a retail chain that sells and services fireplaces and home spas. We were growing at 40% a year when I joined. I wrote store processes (used at our first location and the 20 new stores that followed), trained store staff, and became the store managers’ advisor on people, training and process issues.

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Now Jane’s resume sounds human! You can put a human voice in your resume, the same way Jane did! Read Liz Ryan’s columns and follow Human Workplace on Twitter: @humanworkplace Join Human Workplace as a member, too!

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