Crazy Good Career Advice: 9 Inspiring Quotes From People Who Have Made It

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“Ignore what your parents say. Especially if you’re an affluent kid. A lot of pressure from coming from the right schools with all the right advantages, with successful parents.   And try as many suits on as you can to see what you like. When you land on something you like, you're going to know it and you’ll build a career on it.” Click here to watch the interview

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“If you can link the passion you have for a specific activity with a broader purpose that gets you up every morning, that's what's been most helpful to me.” Click here to watch the interview

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“You have to take risks. On Wall Street you can make quite a bit of money by staying in the pack. But maybe I don't want to be in the pack.” Click here to watch the interview

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“One day I went to an exercise at 6:00 in the morning. And at 6:00 p.m. that night I was in a German hospital with a smashed spine, and a broken cradle, and a broken career. Life promises you nothing. You better live like life promises you nothing. Opportunity knocks for everybody. But most people don't have their bags packed. Or they haven't been listening for the doorbell.” Click here to watch the interview

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“My father's advice was: create a reputation. Not an external reputation, but internal reputation in a business and in an industry that you enjoy. And if you've wanted to do something on your own, you go and do it. But you don't flit from flower to flower.” Click here to watch the interview

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“The most inspiring moment was to have the opportunity of visiting The White House and meeting John F. Kennedy. He was looking across a group of us and he said: ‘People in this world are not getting along well. But you, young people, you get along. There are no national boundaries. The only question is whether you can extend your helping hand to people who are in need.’” Click here to watch the interview

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“You can pretty much do anything that you put your mind to. What I learned, though, is that if you're going to have that confidence, you better be incredibly humble and realize that there is in fact a lot that you don't know and have no problem asking for help.” Click here to watch the interview

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“Embrace diversity. It’s your world. And your world is going to be more and more diverse. You're going to have to live with people of different educations, cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds.” Click here to watch the interview

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“I think there's nothing wrong if kids took a year off between high school and college. There's nothing wrong with sitting back and thinking, ‘What do I want to be,’ before you start accumulating $100,000 or $80,000 into student loan.“ Click here to watch the interview

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