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full program & tools to launch your own corporate 
 Innovation Accelerator

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Typical challenges to tackle: “Innovation initiatives are 
 scattered in our organisation.” “Our entrepreneurial people
 get no real support from us.” “Innovation should not only
 start from R&D projects.” “We need a structured process to guide our innovation teams.” In general: For enterprises that want to structure & accelerate their innovation efforts.

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Your corporate suits will experience the thrill to work in multidisciplinary internal startup teams. idea investment pitch

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 25 Participants Decision 
 Select focus domain(s) 2 days scoping open call: ideas & intrapreneurs 2 days ideation ideation Decision: 
 Investment pitch #1 #2 2 days 2 days 2 days bootcamp bootcamp bootcamp #1 #2 #3 3 weeks “idea generation”
 with remote support output ideation sessions output bootcamp sessions #1 - Hundreds of ideas New mindset/attitude #1 - 5 concepts = 5 teams Clear problem definitions #2 - Idea clusters (=domains) First prioritisation #2 - Minimal Viable Product Validated problems #3 - Mini business case Pitch deck Example Accelerator Program (4-6 months runs) Go/
 No go

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 25 Participants Decision 
 Select focus domain(s) 2 days scoping 2 days ideation ideation Decision: 
 Investment pitch #1 #2 3 days 3 days 3 days bootcamp bootcamp bootcamp #1 #2 #3 3 weeks “idea generation”
 with remote support iterate: use learnings & new ideas for next cycle output ideation sessions open call: ideas & intrapreneurs output bootcamp sessions Go/
 No go #1 - Hundreds of ideas New mindset/attitude #1 - 5 concepts = 5 teams Clear problem definitions #2 - Idea clusters (=domains) First prioritisation #2 - Minimal Viable Product Validated problems #3 - Mini business case Pitch deck Final output/next steps Investment in
 3-4 new ventures - go-to-market - dedicated teams Entrepreneurial skills - all participants Example Accelerator Program (4-6 months runs)

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What to expect? Examples of tools & methods deployed at each stage

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scoping ideation #1 ideation #2 bootcamp bootcamp bootcamp #1 #2 #3 Scoping Sessions • Together with the internal innovation lead • Set ambition level & expectations • e.g. “aim for adjacent offers for existing &
 adjacent markets.” • Define succes criteria + expected outcome Who can participate? • Start from an existing pool of people
 vs open call to join in the organisation? • Talent development goals: Mindset & 
 entrepreneurial skills • Set up communication channels Paris

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scoping ideation #1 ideation #2 bootcamp bootcamp bootcamp #1 #2 #3 Creativity rounds (Exploration) • Templates & tools to gather +1000 ideas • Triggers based on analogy thinking • Future thinking (radical, long term) • Inspiration shots (Disruption, Next Gen,…) • Technology inspiration • Starting from Consumer Needs & Problems • What-if scenarios Out-of-the-box Mindset • Experience new mental frameworks • Principles of creativity & innovation • Brainstorming techniques • No judgement Kuwait City

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scoping ideation #1 ideation #2 Build on first ideas • Smart copying from innovative ideas • Learn from competitors & startups • Hybrid brainstorming • Inspiration from upcoming trends • Participant create #amazeme decks to
 look into non-conventional areas Cluster ideas & prioritise • Learn to evaluate & structure ideas • Discover patterns & different domains
 with opportunities • First selection of most promising concepts bootcamp bootcamp bootcamp #1 #2 #3

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scoping ideation #1 ideation #2 Problem Validation • Main focus = to understand the assumed
 problems-to-solve • Customer journey analysis & pains • Apply Lean Startup principles • Customer development • Structure hidden assumptions (tech, bizz,…) 1 team = 1 idea (domain) • Get-out-the-building for validation • Customer / user interviews • Learn how to interview users & validate
 assumptions • Startup culture vs corporate world bootcamp bootcamp bootcamp #1 #2 #3

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scoping ideation #1 ideation #2 bootcamp bootcamp bootcamp #1 #2 #3 Solution Prototyping • Validate key features by building first
 iteration of Minimal Viable Product • Gather real world user feedback • Align with original innovation scope (adjust) • Prioritise features (value analysis) • In-depth research + market scan • Framework to structure experiments Build-Measure-Learn • Learn new tools to tests & validate concepts • Interaction with startup world & entrepreneurs • Evaluate internal obstacles (stakeholder mgmt) • Get individual support from designers/coders/… Berlin

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scoping ideation #1 ideation #2 Business Model Exploration • Last iteration on business model design • Explore revenue options (Decision tree) • Build mini-business cases (hands-on) • Learn from innovative & experimental
 business models in other markets • Pricing & cost analysis (Resources needed) Dry run Pitch • Presentation & Pitching techniques • Share feedback with other teams • Graphic design support to build visuals • Structure investment decision & next steps bootcamp bootcamp bootcamp #1 #2 #3

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The Big Moment Investment pitch for C-level & innovation lead Antwerp

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“It’s our goal to make corporates think like startups.” Amsterdam Lisbon mixing proven methods from 
 Design Thinking & Lean Startup

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Mexico strong network & culture of sharing Slideshare Channel
 +4 Million views Sharing of 
 tools & inspiration subscribe to
 +7000 subscribers FEATURED IN LinkedIn Group: +17K people

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Tokyo B2B Heavy industry/manufacturing Utilities/Chemicals/Pharma Commodities/Automotive/… B2B2C & B2C Banking/Finance/Payroll/HR Telco/Publishing/Travel/ FMCG/… for Fortune500 & global innovation leaders

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What clients say: “It was really amazing to see how Board of Innovation has succeeded to even get production and cost saving minded paper industry people to creative ideas and out of the box thinking, concluding with very successful business case pitches for generating new revenue streams.” - T. Kratochwill, Executive Director at Sappi Paper Industry, $6B, 13K people, 100 countries “Board of Innovation brought a youthful but at the same time experienced perspective to the table which challenged even the most hardened business developer.” - T. Kidd, New Business Development at DSM Life Sciences & Chemicals, €10B, 21K people “The O-I Accelerator project contains many learnings, combining team work, dedication, deployment and excitement. It brings many valuable insights to the company when dedicated teams start working on exploration and development of new valuable business concepts; From exploring market insights, industry wide researches and use of both internal & external focus groups to development of Business Models and Talent Management.” - R. Brouwer - Specialty Business Leader Europe at O-I Glass Industry, €7B, 21K people, Fortune500 “I was really impressed by the workshop. Thanks to the excellent tools, real-life examples, and hands-on approach, BOI helped us shifting from a corporate mindset, to a startup mindset.” “Plenty of learnings for everybody to take the very pragmatic projects they’ve put on the table and [BoI] helped them to push them through, in a very structured manner, but also forcing them to think in a very different ways.” “Fantastic experience in a structured and creative approach to free up minds to new biz models.” - Vice President R&D, LafargeHolcim Building Materials, $12B, 61K people, 51 Countries - C. Hillegeer, Senior Vice President Strategy at GDF SUEZ Energy & Utilities, €74B, 152K people, 70 countries - Dirk Kamphaus, Senior Product Manager at adidas AG Apparel & Sporting lifestyle, €14B, 53K people

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Team with T-shaped consultants Industrial Design/Engineering Innovation Mgmt/Business Entrepreneurial more info via

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Other services: Innovation Consulting HR & Talent Development Process development Training programs • • • • • • • • Corporate accelerator design Innovation Strategy New Business Model design Market validation Innovation & Creativity Intrapreneurship / Lean Startup Business Model Innovation Design Thinking Special formats Talent Development programs • • • • • Bootcamps (HR focus) • Leadership programs • Young Graduates programs Guerrilla club Hackathon Corporate Innovation Day Lease an Entrepreneur Questions? [email protected]

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