Choose Your Own (Career) Adventure

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Choose Your Own (Career) Adventure #elaconf #cyoa

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#elaconf #cyoa WHO ARE WE? Sarah Lauren @johnsons531 @laurengalanter

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#elaconf #cyoa 1. Storytime Let’s talk.

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#elaconf #cyoa PUBLISHED BY A NEWBIE. SOLD 250 MILLION COPIES FROM 1979 to 1999.

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#elaconf #cyoa “ Kids got it very quickly. You die, yes, but you take another choice and go on.

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#elaconf #cyoa WORK HAS CHANGED All experience is valuable experience.

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#elaconf #cyoa LIVING LONGER

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#elaconf #cyoa MODELS OF CAREER CHANGE ○ Growing at same company ○ Variety of responsibility ○ Switching jobs ○ Down and across ladders

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#elaconf #cyoa You?

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#elaconf #cyoa 2. Workshops Let’s do.

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#elaconf #cyoa I Like To… ○ Fill in the circle next to each activity if it’s something you like to do. ○ At the bottom of Page 1, add the number of circles in each column. ○ See Page 2 for the descriptors of what type of activities you like.

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#elaconf #cyoa

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#elaconf #cyoa I Like To… ○ Which descriptors are your strongest? ○ How does your career history align with these descriptors? ○ Which descriptors will you focus on when selecting your next job?

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Choose Your Own (Career) Adventure! The Setup #elaconf #cyoa The Choice ○ You have 9 possible lives, each with a different job/career. ○ It can be a job/career that doesn’t exist yet (did your current job exist 5-10 years ago?). ○ Choose what 9 jobs you would have and describe them in as much detail as possible. In none of these lives have you happened upon lots of money - you must earn a living. Whatever that dollar amount is, it’s enough for you to live comfortably. Adapted from Karen James Chopra, LPC, MCC, NCC of Chopra Careers)

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Choose Your Own (Career) Adventure! #elaconf #cyoa The Questions Now trade with your partner and ask questions about their choices: ○ Why this job? ○ What do you like about it? ○ How is it different than what you’re doing now? ○ What would it take for you to have this job 1 year from now? 10 years from now? image from Startup Vitamins

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#elaconf #cyoa Choose your own path.

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#elaconf #cyoa Take Home Exercises ○ ○ ○ Resume Word Hunt ● Review your resume. ● Circle the common or repeated words. ● Do these words identify a theme in your work history? ● Do these words match your likes and passions? ● Are there words missing that should be repeated more often? ● What can you do to make the missing words appear in your work history? ● What kind of job would you look for based on these common words? Likes and Dislikes (from Career Lab) Career Blueprint (from Career Lab)

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THANKS! #elaconf #cyoa Any questions? Presentation template by SlidesCarnival

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