How to Get Your Ideas Flowing

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1 Disconnecting, the zig to the zag Using electronic connecting devices is addictive and leads to stress. People are digitally disconnecting in a detox.

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It sounds like a good wellness treatment

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It is offered as a holiday formula

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It’s a retreat, a summer camp & a company event

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Outdoor adventures and workplace audits

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> The benefits • • • • • • • • Increased mindfulness lowered anxiety better appreciation of one's environment becoming more people-oriented Good mental health Better human relationships Increased Productivity Good Posture

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There are people who will teach you (via e-mail)

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There is an app to help you detox radically

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So embrace boredom & space out * Source

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Go out and meet real people * Source

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Using a non electronic wearable * Source

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A hacked pepper offers a branded solution * Source

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But be careful about the dangers…

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> Guidelines • • • • • • • Keep it in your pants. Brain first, phone second Hide and delete apps Never push. Always pull Your delivery is free if it’s a mile or less. Buy a watch. No phones in the bedroom or bathroom

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! Briefing Which of our (aspired) brands have values that support digital disconnect? Set a negative outcome of digital technology. Create an (1) analog and (2) digital branded idea or solution to solve this problem.

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2 Retail innovation, hybrid shopping Merging the best of online and in-store shopping

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PSFK - Retail Trend Reports

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Be everywhere - Snap catalogs with Target

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Gap - Reserve online, pick-up in store

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Gap - Reserve online, pick-up in store

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Online personal shopper - Suitcase, Cloakroom & Outfittery

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Personal shopping

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Kate Spade - 24h shopping window, 1h delivery

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Audi City - Digital Showroom London

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Audi City - Digital Showroom London

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Ikea (concept) - Local Micro Stores (zero inventory)

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Volvo - Delivers your purchases in your parked car

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Lowe’s - 3D ‘holoroom' interior modelling in VR

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House of Fraser - iBeacon enabled mannequins

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1 Strengths of in-store 1. Social experience 2. Visceral experience 3. No shipping delays 4. Try before you buy 5. Instant gratification * Source

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PSFK - Merging the best of online, in-store * Source

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! Briefing How can we improve the shopping experience for our brands? 1. Imagine ideas to integrate digital advantages in store 2. Create ideas to improve the e-commerce experience

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3 Education, the how-to of DIY Internet enabled self-learning. Brands are investing in it, while Schools are questioning their education.

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Coursera: ‘Massive Open Online Courses’

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Khan, you can now learn anything online

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Learn new skills on Udemy

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Skillshare, everyone can teach

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MIT is reinventing it’s education

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Stanford, designing the future of education

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Big firms, investing in education (not schools)

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edX, sponsored by Bill & Melinda

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edX, always wanted to go to Harvard?

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Micro schools, sponsored by Mark & Priscilla

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Google inside your school?

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CodeDojo, a computer club for kids

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CoderDojo, also in Belgium highly popular

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Decoded, even you can learn to code

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Personalised learning via the web

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Learning languages is a smartphone game

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Micro-learning, bite size learning

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Micro-courses for learning at micro moments

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Waldorf, a computer free school in Silicon Valley

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! Briefing What are our brands good at? What can they teach their staff and customers? Define how our brands can make a contribution to education. And which knowledge or skills our customers can teach us.

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4 Happiness, there is an app for that How happiness, mindfulness and zen are captured by algorithms en brands try to make you happy.

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Brands help us eat tasty & healthy

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We learn how to make stuff using our hands

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We are motivated to do good

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We are taught how to lose weight

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Something with women and their belly…

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You can even become a morning person

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The New York times helps you get fit

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7 minutes a day. Let’s do 30sec together

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And there’s an smartwatch app for that

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We are educated about sexuality

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And are helped at reanimating our sex lives

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Use an app to start meditating

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Apps help us creating head space

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Find mindfulness on the small screen

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Or on your smartwatch

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You even pay for it

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The internet helps us to be happy

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Starting with a questionnaire

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! Briefing How can brands help people become happy? Which ideas, tools or programs can we offer people to become happy. Stick to the brand promise.

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5 StoryDoing, The Bluebees life Marketing used to be what you say. Now, marketing is what you do. How can you become a storydoing company?

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“A company without a story is a company without a strategy.” Marc Andreessen

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“It's about what you make. How you act. The choices you make when you are sure no one is looking.” Seth Godin

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From StoryTelling to StoryDoing

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A man with a catchy concept, a book & great PR

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A story told through action

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“We have a strategic plan. It’s called doing things.” Herb Kelleher

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So Story Doing is living your life-style?

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Sharing how you live your life?

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Communication your message via action

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Few cases pop up, but Toms keeps coming back

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Action camera’s are made for… action.

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And also the Red Bull example keeps coming back

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From energy drink to media player

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Intel asked to community to make it wearable

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! Briefing • Capture the meta story of you company in one phrase • Create StoryDoing ideas / actions that we can start with today • Define how you will involve our customers & prospects

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