The Future of the US: Social Trends through 2025 and the Implications to American Business

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The Future of the United States The Social and Technological Forces Reshaping the Country (EXCERPT) NEE6-MT September 2015 NEE6-MT 1

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Introduction The Future United States: of the Social Trends and the Implications to The Future of the Unites States, a research service from Frost & Sullivan’s Visionary Innovation Group, provides analysis, along with industry experts, on the social trends that will impact American business through 2025. American Business Disclaimer: This research service contains both Frost & Sullivan-calculated and externally derived data. The reader should assume that all numbers are rounded. Additionally, some numbers are adjusted to accommodate variations in data from multiple sources. Some percentages may not sum to 100% due to rounding. All population-related data consider US Census Bureau data and UN-ESA (2014) data. After the development of this analysis, UN-ESA (2015) data were published, and the data slightly reduce the total US population numbers for 2015. NEE6-MT 3

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Key Us 2025 Social Trends Addressed Demographic Composition and Purchasing Power Number of citizens aged 65 and older will increase… Millennials at Work, at Life, and as Consumers Diversity Strategies and Tactics By 2025, Millennials be almost half of the working age population… The percentage of foreign-born individuals living in the US will be the highest in history. 2015 2025 +37% …while those under 65 will only grow slightly. 2025 …but are facing increasing automation of the workforce. In the next 20 years, 2015 +3% 2025 This trend will have wide ranging implications on household composition and purchasing power. 15% 43.8% 47% of American jobs are at high risk of being automated This will have dramatic effects on how Millennials work, live, and act as consumers. of the total population will be foreign-born in 2025 The Hispanic population will also have dramatic growth. 198,449 2015 Non-Hispanic White Population Hispanic Population +1% 2025 +24.8% These changes will force dramatic shifts in business strategies and tactics. Source: Frost & Sullivan NEE6-MT 4

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