7 Small Businesses That Are #Winning at Instagram (and How You Can, Too)

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7 Small Businesses That Are #Winning at Instagram (and How You Can, Too) Quick Wins

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Instagram is more than just a social media app for photos — it’s a platform that allows small business owners to visually connect with more than 300 million potential customers across the globe. Want a crash course in how? Learn from the best — take a look at how these seven small businesses are successfully using Instagram to connect with and engage their target customers.

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01. Almond Surfboards Hear the waves, feel the sun, smell the ocean…all from looking at Almond Surfboards’ Instagram account. This small business has masterfully conveyed the desirable lifestyle that revolves around their products. Its photos dare you to hop in a pickup, drive to the ocean and jump in the surf. QUICK WIN: Show your product in action to inspire customers to buy. Source: @almondsurfboards

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02. Neve and Hawk Source: @neveandhawk QUICK WIN: It’s not all business. Invite your customers into your professional life (and when appropriate, your personal life) to foster a real connection. One look at Neve and Hawk’s Instagram profile and you’ll know that this clothing company is a family affair. Bob and Kris, and their children Neve and Shep, share their products as well as their creative process, family dynamics and daily routines, giving us a glimpse #behindneveandhawk. The inside-look approach gives the company an authentic and relatable feel.

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03. Fox and Fawn A limited supply creates demand, and with vintage clothing, supply is usually limited. Instead of setting up an online shop, Fox and Fawn posts photos of its available clothing and accessories on Instagram. Once an item is posted, followers can leave a comment to reserve it. Then they call the store to give their Instagram username and credit card details to make the purchase. Source: @foxandfawn QUICK WIN: Use Instagram to take orders if you’re having a hard time getting people to your online shop. Customers will appreciate the simple, personal process.

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04. Lucy Loo Littles Source: @lucyloolittles QUICK WIN: Research which hashtags are trending with your target audience and use them strategically. As a new business, Lucy Loo Littles used hashtags on Instagram to make it easier for their target demographic to find the company on social media. About one month after the account went live, Harper’s Bazaar called to feature Lucy Loo Littles in an upcoming issue. The magazine discovered the company by the hashtags it was using, such as #babyfashion, #kidstyle and #trendykids.

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05. Vintage Steele Even if you aren’t a fan of motorcycles, the photos that Vintage Steele shares on Instagram will make you appreciate their beautiful intricacies and designs. From shots of vintage rides in all types of weather to close-ups of engines, every photo shared appears to be professionally taken, making for an aesthetically appealing profile. Source: @vintagesteele QUICK WIN: Make time to take and post high-quality pictures. Good photos will allow your subjects to shine and will appeal to a wider range of Instagram users.

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06. Amy Vermillion Interiors Source: @amyvermillioninteriors QUICK WIN: Don’t just post and run. Stay awhile and share some back-and-forth with your followers. Interior designer Amy Vermillion shares striking and detailed photos of her behind-the-scenes design work on Instagram. Her followers often comment with questions about where she purchased certain pieces or requests for her advice on relevant topics such as countertop measurements. Vermillion always comments back with her thoughts, making her followers and potential customers feel heard.

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07. TINCUP Whiskey This small business doesn’t limit itself to only posting photos it has taken. TINCUP Whiskey uses regramming, the process of sharing someone else’s original photo, allowing the company to share more photos on its profile and recognize its fans and followers. QUICK WIN: Keep an eye on the photos in which your fans are tagging you and share them with your followers. Remember to always give the original photographer credit. Source: @tincupwhiskey

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Quick Wins Advice Action Inspiration Don’t jump into Instagram Brands are always coming up “Photography, as a powerful without a plan. Use the previous with innovative ways to use medium of expression and examples to develop a strategy Instagram. Follow the brands communications, offers an that will work for your small you most admire to draw infinite variety of perception, business. inspiration for your company’s interpretation and execution.” profile. — Ansel Adams, photographer

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