The Rules of The Workplace

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Flickr / Phil Rogers The Rules of the Workplace How to improve the weekly grind

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Flickr / Mike Carney Rule 1: Prioritise the customer’s work

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Flickr / Mike Carney Don’t let the tyranny of the urgent: meetings e-mails powerpoint get in the way of the important

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Flickr / Xiaojun Deng Rule 2: Don’t make your customers wait

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Flickr / Xiaojun Deng They will either get mad or take their money elsewhere Neither is great for business

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Flickr / Alan O’Rourke Rule 3: There is always more work than people

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Flickr / Alan O’Rourke Rule 3: There is always more work than people So fix the work

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Flickr / Alan O’Rourke Rule 3: There is always more work than people Errr... Can’t stop, too busy

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Flickr / Telmo32 Rule 4: Study the work

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Flickr / Telmo32 If you understand the work: you will be better at it and find it more interesting

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Flickr / Telmo32 You might even get paid more

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Flickr / Mzximvs VdB Rule 5: Understand how the work works

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Flickr / Mzximvs VdB Work works in all sorts of ways: •  •  •  •  Customers Procedures Queues Systems … Work is complicated If you don’t  understand it, why on earth would you think you can fix it?

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Flickr / Allen Lai Rule 6: Standardise the work

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Flickr / Allen Lai If everyone is working differently what is the best way?

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Flickr / Allen Lai If there isn’t a standard how will you know you have improved?

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Flickr / Marin Rule 7: If the work is important write it down

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Flickr / Marin If it isn’t written down (drawn up, photographed or mapped out) How are your staff supposed to know what to do? Word of mouth?

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Flickr / Duncan C Rule 8: Train your staff

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Enough said? Flickr / Duncan C

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Flickr / Connectors Distribution Box Rule 9: Make the work easy

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Flickr / Connectors Distribution Box Make it: ü  Error proof ü  Tamper proof ü  Omission proof ü  Easy to teach ü  Forgiving ü  Durable ü  User friendly ü  Adaptable ü  Versatile Or just plain simple

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Flickr / Royce Bair Rule 10: Build systems

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Flickr / Royce Bair A bad system will beat a good person

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Every time Flickr / Royce Bair

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Flickr / Anssi Koskinen Rule 11: Streamline the work

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Flickr / Anssi Koskinen Don’t hold the work back in queues or stocks or backlogs Let it flow

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Flickr / Tim Green Rule 12: Find the bottleneck

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Flickr / Tim Green Don’t leave it empty

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Flickr / Doug Rule 13: Clean the workplace

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Flickr / Doug A place for everything and everything in its place

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Rule 14: Make the work obvious National Park Service / Alcatraz

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National Park Service / Alcatraz Somethings, you just need to…

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National Park Service / Alcatraz know

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Flickr / Alan Cleaver Rule 15: Remove the waste

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Flickr / Alan Cleaver It will cost you in the end

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Rule 16: Communicate Flickr /

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Flickr / Listen to your customers and employees, then tell them what is going on

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Flickr / Phil Roeder Rule 17: Look at the evidence

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Flickr / Phil Roeder The work place is alive with data, facts and evidence You won't fix the work if you don't use the evidence

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Flickr / Hamed Parham Rule 18: Talk about the work

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Flickr / Hamed Parham Discuss the “what” not the “who” “Who caused that?” and “What caused that?” might sound the same, but the answers you will get are a million miles apart

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Flickr / Tobi Gaulke Rule 19: Look After the workforce

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Flickr / Tobi Gaulke Karma never loses an address

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Flickr / Nigel Goodman Rule 20: Persistence pays

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Flickr / Nigel Goodman Quick fixes won’t improve anything

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Flickr / Ken Rowland Follow the rules and next Monday morning won’t be such a towering drama You might even enjoy it

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Flickr / Todd For more blindingly obvious observations about work visit

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