It's the Little Things: Creating a Delightful WordPress Experience for Your Clients

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It's the Little Things creating a delightful wordpress experience for your clients Andi Graham @andigrahambsd Presented at Wordcamp Tampa 2015

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Hi there! I’m Andi from Big Sea. @andigrahambsd |

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504 = 10,000s wordcamps worldwide of nerds who want your jobs

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Nope. I am a unique & beatiful

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your clients need to be delighted.

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frame the relationship Clients are not the enemy.

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8 Principles of Customer Delight • Always be timely. • Give them a point of contact. • Always listen. • Give them space. • But give them what they need (not always what they want) • Give them little things when they don’t expect it. • Have policies, but be flexible. • Always tell them how you will help them.

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Elevate and Educate

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Before You Work

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first things first: Kickoff Meeting

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1. Who
 Introductions & Roles
 Approvals & Changes
 2. What
 Scope of Work Review
 3. Why
 Strategic Approach & Goals
 Measurable Criteria
 Target Personas
 Content & IA
 4. How
 Our Process
 Project Plan & Milestones

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The project plan 1. What 2. When

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During the Work

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don’t disappear! Weekly Reports • What you did this week • What you’re doing next week • Any issues / risks / blockers • Anything • Budget you’re waiting on or need / timeline updates

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Enable interaction and Involve the client

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teach your clients how to give helpful feedback

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1. What it is
 Style tile? Wireframes? 
 Full page comp? Cool functionality?
 2. What to pay attention to
 “Look at this, not that.”
 3. Explain thoroughly
 Give creative reasoning, limitations of 
 functionality, rationale behind it all.
 4. Frame feedback
 Be honest but clear; consider your 
 users; foster a discussion around
 solutions, not a list of changes.

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practice client-proof development

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1. Use a child theme
 Give your client the benefits of 
 proper theme upgrades
 2. Use Advanced Custom Fields
 Keep managing complex data easy/
 by adding custom fields; consider 
 premium add-ons 
 3. Embrace shortcodes
 They’re harder to screw up and give
 clients the ability to use complex layouts
 4. Use only reliable plugins
 Well vetted, reviewed & supported;
 include security & backups

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In the Admin

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Enable your clients with Documentation and Training

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Help & How-to’s

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Make it pretty

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At Launch

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nothing beats training!

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Don’t forget the details launch checklist

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Appreciate your client? Show them!

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Handwritten thank-you note Customized cookies Flowers or plants Regional/specialty gifts Coffee or tea Personalized to their tastes

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After Launch

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30 days of no questions asked support

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friendly & useful follow-up

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6 Months later performance review

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Satisfaction? Delight!

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Thanks! @andigrahambsd

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