12 Lessons in Entrepreneurship From the Underground

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lessons in entrepreneurship from the underground episodes 1-12

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If you’re known for doing one thing and you stretch off and do something else, you run the risk of diluting your core thing. I never really bought into that, so I slapped my name on everything. - on staying true to your brand LATROIT AKA STATIC REVENGER

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If there’d be one word I’d like to be associated with, it would be innovative. I’ll never be a master though ‘cause you’re always learning. This is an endless maze so I think that’s why I’m so attracted to it. - on mastery DJ NU-MARK

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There’s always going to be people that fell in love with a specific thing that you did and if you deviate from that in any way you’re going to lose them, but you just can’t worry about those people. You’ve just got to keep doing you. - on staying focused TUXEDO: MAYER HAWTHORNE & JAKE ONE

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Substance equals timelessness. I just have to be true to myself and I know I can’t really play anything that doesn’t have some staying power. - on staying true to his art MARQUES WYATT

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Don’t kill the brand, you know? If you go work at Jif peanut butter you going to leave and start talking shit? Like, I’m not gonna fuck the brand over; I may need the brand. - on burning bridges AMG

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If you’re being appreciated for something that was made when there was no expectation, then that’s probably how you should always make it. Ride the energy. - on creativity GABRIEL GARZON MONTANO

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When people weren’t answering the door, I was like, “I know you’re home, what’s up?” I had to let all that go. It’s not personal. It is what it is. Keep it moving. - on expecting loyalty GARTH TRINIDAD

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I would sneak into comedy clubs when I was 15. My mom would help me actually. That’s one plus to having an immigrant parent: They don’t care about rules. They would say “Are you 18?” And my mom would say “Of course she’s 18. Let’s go." - on bending the rules KIRA SOLTANOVICH

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I’ve either been lucky or maybe I’m just unbelievably talented. I don’t know. I mean I know I like music and I love playing it. It’s like the only thing that gets me out of the house. It’s the only thing I actually care about. - on motivation THEE MIKEB

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I don’t separate my work from my private life. It is one thing. With most people it’s not like that. Friday, boom, they fucking cut off, right? I think the reason most people do that is they’re not working in their passion. But I’m fortunate enough to have that passion and that is my life. There is no difference. - on giving 100% AARON AXELROD

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You’re going to have to roll with the punches or you’ll be left behind. Even many corporate guys that took that traditional route. None of these guys have job security. They’re constantly reinventing themselves. - on reinvention TERRY HELLER

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DJs are complaining all the time. I tell them all the same thing: "If you just create your own thing, you're going to get the same money. No one is paying you anyways. Why not just do your own thing?” DJ ADAM12 - on being proactive

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