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1 5 EMAIL IS OUTDATED: Lawyers Can Now Use More Secure Communication Tools unsecure EMAIL IS INHERENTLY Email is completely 01001 1010101 1010101 110101 UNENCRYPTED and easily accessible by anyone interested in doing so. It's like sending a postcard written in pencil. And each email traverses multiple servers in many locations on the way to its end destination. , EVEN THOUGH IT S NOT SECURE, LAWYERS USE EMAIL TO SHARE ALL SORTS OF INFORMATION WITH CLIENTS TYPES OF INFORMATION SENT USING EMAIL AT WORK Routine correspondence 68.2% 63% 59.8% 56.2% 39.9% 29.4% 16.7% 15.6% 14.7% 2.8% Memos/briefs Case status Court filings Client bills Marketing materials Assent to contracts/transactions Electronic subscription or alert Service of process papers Electronic newsletter None of these CONFIDENTIAL EMAIL AND 91.6% INFORMATION Despite the lack of security, many lawyers continue to use email to send clients confidential INFORMATION FREQUENCY OF SENDING CONFIDENTIAL OR PRIVILEGED COMMUNICATIONS TO CLIENTS VIA EMAIL 3-11 times per year 2 times or less per year 4.5% 1.9% Never 8.8% 1-3 times per month One or more times per day 10.3% 52.8% 1-4 times per week 21.7% SECURITY PRECAUTIONS 01010110101 010110101110101 1010101101 SECURITY PRECAUTIONS TAKEN WHEN SENDING CONFIDENTIAL OR PRIVILEGED COMMUNICATIONS/DOCUMENTS TO CLIENTS VIA EMAIL 72.5% Rely on confidentiality statement in message body Use encryption Rely on confidentiality statement in subject line Password protect documents Require clients to provide written consent Require clients to provide oral consent Registered email Other None of these secure 34.5% 24.5% 13.9% 12.8% 9% 4.8% 2.5% 10.3% ONLINE CLIENT PORTALS ARE A MORE SECURE CHOICE Web-based portals are much more secure than unencrypted email. *** Confidential client communications via web-based portals are encrypted and accessible only by those with a PASSWORD With web-based portals, confidential information stays confidential. THE NUMBER OF LAWYERS COMMUNICATING AND COLLABORATING WITH CLIENTS ONLINE IS INCREASING EVERY YEAR 41% 32% 33% 19% 9% 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 OF THOSE SOLO LAWYERS USING ONLINE PORTALS, NEARLY 1 / 3 USE MYCASE are you? See how using a secure client communication portal can give you peace of mind with a free MyCase 30-day trial. http:/ / _EmailisOutdated_FT-Oct15&campaign=70180000001J9X4&ms=Converted SOURCE: ABA 2014 and 2015 Legal Technology Survey Reports

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